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“We had to rough him up to stop that”: Tom Cruise’s Extremely Good Manners Left Martin Scorsese Frustrated While Filming $52M Movie

tom cruise and martin scorsese

An image of an average Hollywood mega-celebrity might just consist of them having an obnoxious attitude towards everything, which is more of a stereotype than reality, but people like those do exist. Thankfully, Tom Cruise, considered to be one of the faces of Hollywood royalty, has received nothing but praise and respect from his fellow stars as well as the public from around the world.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Over his career that spans more than 40 years in Hollywood, Cruise was able to amass his popularity by being humble and polite towards everyone he has ever met or worked with. Then, it seems kind of a counter-logical reaction towards his goodness when legendary Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese was visibly frustrated by his good nature.

Martin Scorsese Didn’t Like Tom Cruise’s Good Nature While Filming The Color of Money!

Tom Cruise in a still from The Color of Money
Tom Cruise in a still from The Color of Money

Amongst so many people that have taken the world by storm with their epic performances in many memorable films over the years, the popularity of Tom Cruise trumps most of them in comparison, not just because of the numerous accolades that he has received in the industry, but also for his extremely humble and pleasant nature. Therefore, during the filming of Martin Scorsese‘s The Color of Money, the director was vexed by just how well-mannered his film’s star was.

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One of the underrated films by the legendary filmmaker, The Color of Money was a sequel to 1961’s The Hustler and proved why Scorsese was one of the finest talents that the world of cinema had ever seen. In the film, the Mission: Impossible star was cast after his recent fame from his contributions to Top Gun, while also being newly acquainted with Scorsese, who instantly was annoyed by just how much of a good fellow he was. In an interview with Midday, he said

” [Cruise] was extremely enthusiastic and extremely respectful. In fact, he called Paul Mr. Newman, and me Mr. Scorsese for a few weeks, and we had to kind of rough him up to stop that.”

While the director and his co-star might’ve wanted him to act a little laid back around them, Cruise’s sincerity towards his seniors proves why he’s so loved by his fans.

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What Was The Color Of Money About?

Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in a still from The Color of Money
Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in a still from The Color of Money

A sequel to Robert Rossen’s 1961 classic The Hustler, this film follows the tale of Eddie Felson, who is a Hustler that lives his days gambling in dimly-lit rooms of pool tables for his next big score. Married to the game for so many years, he feels too little about the sport, until one day, he meets a young kid named Vincent Lauria. Feeling like he has seen himself in a mirror, but only younger, when he meets Lauria, Felson feels like he has a shot at redemption for his uneventful life that he lived.

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The Color of Money, streaming on Prime Video.

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