We May have Judged David Corenswet’s ‘Baggy’ Superman Suit Too Soon: James Gunn’s Attention to Detail Makes it Potentially the Best Suit of All Time

The suit has more easter eggs than most film scenes, and it rewards fans who have known the history of the character well.

james gunn, david corenswet as superman
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  • David Corneswet's Superman revealed it's first look, and fans are divided by what the icture depicts.
  • However, the suit seems to pull from diverse sources through out the characters history, which might look pretty well put together on screen.
  • The suit is yet to go through the magic of post production, and might come out looking better on the other side of the film's production cycle.
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James Gunn is currently deep into production in two projects that are to be featured in his new and improved DCU, with Superman being the one fans are especially excited about. The film revealed the first look at David Corneswet in the Superman suit, something that fans have been clamoring for.

David Corneswet's Superman, James Gunn
David Corneswet’s Superman

However, the photo that has been revealed has received mixed reviews from fans, specifically because of how it was revealed and how the suit looks a little baggy and odd. However, upon closer inspection, the suit might seem to be all set to usher in a new era of comic book adaptations.

James Gunn might be pulling from diverse eras to make one costume

The 1940's Superman Animated series
The 1940’s Superman Animated series

James Gunn has revealed a lot about his inspirations for Superman, and it seems that the costume that was revealed also follows suit. Usually, costumes are either wholly original interpretations of certain comic runs or a direct adaptation. However, David Corenswet‘s version of the character seems to be doing the same when it comes to the costume department.


There are a lot of things that stand out from the picture that was revealed. To begin with, we can see that the suit has a collar, which is very reminiscent of Superman from his New 52 iteration. However, unlike this iteration of the costume, Superman in the picture also sports boxers and a belt, something that is more reminiscent of the 1940s Superman animated series.

The mix-and-match nature of the suit does not stop there. There is also the fact the Sigil of the House of El that was revealed has a lot in common with that of the Kingdom Come Superman. All in all, the suit shows great promise, taking a lot of cool bits from a slew of suits across the character’s history, which has never been done in comics. But then again, there have seldom been as many riffs on the same suit as that of Superman.

The Superman suit might wow audiences after it goes through post-production

Reference art for Superman: Legacy from DC Comics
Reference art for Superman: Legacy from DC Comics

There have been a lot of comments about the suit, with fans and audiences being largely divided about the qualities of the costume that can be discerned from the photo released. However, it needs to be noted that the final product that audiences will see will go through some heavy production work before it is presented, which might change the way some fans look at the suit.


The picture’s awkward positioning of David Corneswet does look a bit odd and does not reveal the suit in its entirety, but the amount of conversations that it has generated has already done more for the film than a less cryptic image ever could. The air-brushing process that usually makes the production look squeaky clean is yet to be seen by audiences, and might just make the suit look a lot better than it does right now.


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