“All that for a baggy suit is just a shame”: David Corenswet Reveals His Superman Physique That Puts Henry Cavill Comparisons to Rest With Ease

David Corenswet has openly revealed his beefed-up physique for 'Superman' for the first time!

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  • David Corenswet faced initial skepticism for his role as Superman due to lacking the traditional superhero physique, unlike Henry Cavill.
  • However, recent photos showcasing Corenswet's beefed-up physique have silenced critics and impressed fans.
  • Corenswet's impressive physical transformation has garnered positive reactions from fans, dispelling comparisons to Cavill and showcasing his readiness to take on the role of Superman in James Gunn's DCU reboot.
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Henry Cavill pretty much had and maintained that muscular physique right from the start, which must be one of the major reasons behind his casting and fitting perfectly as Superman in the DCEU. But things unfolded differently for David Corenswet, who will play the next Clark Kent in James Gunn’s reboot of the DCU: All because he didn’t possess that superhero physique from the start.

James Gunn's Superman: Legacy stars David Corenswet
David Corenswet in Hollywood.

Needless to say, this one factor affected fans’ approval of him in the role as well. However, being the absolute jaw-dropper that he is, Corenswet has surpassed everyone’s expectations through his recent revelation of how much he has beefed up to play this respective character. And unsurprisingly enough, this revelation should be enough to put his comparisons to Cavill to rest with ease.

David Corenswet Openly Flaunts His Beefed-Up Physique for Superman!

One of the biggest reasons why fans weren’t able to deal with David Corenswet‘s casting in the role of this fan-favorite superhero was his physique. To put it simply, he needed a lot of work on his body if he truly wanted to embody the gigantic, bulky-muscled Kryptonian hero.

Superman in the animated series
Clark Kent in My Adventures with Superman.

While this seemed an unachievable feat to many, the Pearl actor has proven everyone wrong. While previously, his baggy clothes were seen hiding his newly transformed huge frame, this time, he didn’t hesitate to openly flaunt his jacked physique in a semi-naked photo taken while training.

This happened after Paolo Mascitti, one of the most sought-after trainers in Hollywood who also seemingly helped Corenswet build that body, shared an image of the actor on his Instagram handle (@paolomascitti) which showed the new, shirtless, Clark Kent showcasing his bulging muscles.

A beefed-up Corenswet. | Credit: @paolomascitti/IG.
A beefed-up Corenswet. | Credit: @paolomascitti/IG.

The photo was captioned with praises for the pretty boy as Mascitti wrote: “[Corenswet] worked his ass off… to prepare to play this iconic character.” Needless to say, that hard work most certainly seems to pay off, as can be seen in the photo and the reactions it has been getting.


If those unbiased fans were previously worried that this 30-year-old heartthrob wouldn’t be able to acquire the same physique as Henry Cavill and would be trolled for the same, now is their time to relax because this epic transformation is more than enough to put all of those comparisons to rest.

David Corenswet’s New Body is Enough to Slam Those Henry Cavill Comparisons

Henry cavill
Henry Cavill as Kal-El in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Judging from Corenswet’s new jacked-up look following his immaculate physical transformation for his first superhero role, James Gunn has once again proven just how commendation-worthy he is with his perfect casting eyes that never cease to amuse his fans.

As for how fans are reacting to this: Well, inevitably enough, a lot of those concerns and comparisons to Cavill have been put to rest after this as fans just can’t help but admire just how impeccably The Greatest Hits actor fits the role of the iconic superhero now.


See their reactions on X for yourself:




Although Cavill did, indeed, give some of the best performances of his lifetime while donning the red and blue suit of the Man of Steel, it seems like now is the time Corenswet truly takes the mantle from him to carry on the legacy of Superman most brilliantly.

James Gunn’s Superman is set to release on the 11th of July, 2025.


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