“We need more silly Batman”: Merry Little Batman Garners Mixed Reaction From Fans as Animated Feature Gets Deemed Too Goofy and Silly

Fans are stuck between defending the style and tone of the film while being fed up of a silly and humor based Batman

merry little batman garners mixed reaction from fans as animated feature gets deemed too goofy and silly


  • Merry Little Batman is DC's offering for the Christmas, telling a story about Bruce and Damian
  • The film has an interesting approach that has split the fandom through the middle
  • DC has become overtly reliant on Batman over the last few years, which could change come James Gunn's DC Universe
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DC has released the first look at its latest Batman project: Merry Little Batman. If one is familiar with Batman’s mythos, this might sound like an ominous take on Christmas in Gotham, something to do with the Joker or the Riddler. Perhaps something along the lines of The Long Halloween or Batman and Son. One would be partially correct.

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Batman boarding the Batplane in Merry Little Batman
Batman, as depicted in Merry Little Batman

With an art style that reminds one of The Tick, Merry Little Batman is shaping up to be DC’s offering for the upcoming holiday season. The film’s visuals and tone are more in line with Adam West’s Batman than they are with any of the recent, darker interpretations of the character. While some are thrilled about this, others have found the project to be utterly abhorrent.


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Fans are divided on Merry Little Batman

Merry Little Batman Title Card
Merry Little Batman Title Card

The trailer for Merry Little Batman has left fans divided. The mixed reaction has vocal proponents on both sides. While a part of the fandom is very happy with the new approach, praising the animation and art style, another part of the fandom wishes that DC stuck to its dark and gritty roots.


A part of the fandom has come out in defense of the trailer, praising the many artistic choices that it makes. Fans have also taken to social media to talk about their ideas and views:

Comparisons have been drawn to the infamous Batman parody, BatMetal, which shares stylistic similarities with the film if not a one-to-one comparison of the style.


While a section of the fandom is completely on board with the silly and humor-based approach to Batman. They do not, however, agree with the art style that is being used in the project.

While the fandom has a lot of positive things to say about the trailer and the film, a section of the fandom cannot fathom why DC would treat Batman like this. This part of the fandom believes that DC should stick to its dark aesthetic, rather than trying to be childish.


The reaction to the trailer has been largely mixed, although the social media chatter is leaning towards a positive trend for the film. As a Christmas special, the company might have had a better choice than Batman. However, DC’s latest trend of focusing on Batman might be yielding positive results for the company.

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Merry Little Batman is an interesting approach to the character

Batman and Damian in Merry Little Batman
Batman and Damian in Merry Little Batman

Batman has always been a dark character, though there have been plenty of times when the character has taken a more comedic approach. Adam West’s Batman, Batman: Brave and the Bold,  and Harley Quinn come to mind where the Bat of Gotham has deviated from a serious and brooding personality. However, rather than focusing on the treatment of the character, what needs to be discussed is the brand’s newfound reliance on the Caped Crusader. From Elseworlds to films, to even TV series, The Bat family and their rogue’s galleries have been getting a lot of screen time, a courtesy not extended to other DC characters like The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

One can only hope that this trend will change once DC’s Cinematic Universe takes off, bringing not only obscure characters to the forefront but also allowing characters outside of the Bat-family to shine.


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