“We never ask men that”: Margot Robbie’s Barbie Co-Star Was Asked What it’s Like Playing an Ugly Character

Margot Robbie's Barbie Co-Star Was Asked What it's Like Playing an Ugly Character
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Among the myriad of questions that people often throw at the Barbie star America Ferrera about her iconic role in Ugly Betty, there is one recurring question that continually resurfaces, so much so that it has straight up gained the proud title of being annoying with a pinch of sexism. Despite the variety of fascinating topics related to the show, her character, and her experiences, it’s striking how this particular aspect of her role seems to draw an excessive amount of attention.


The actress thus, in a cast reunion of the ABC show, explained how the question directed at her really affects her.

America Ferrera
Actress, America Ferrera

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Barbie Star America Ferrera on How She Deals With Sexist Questions

Ugly Betty is a show that finds a young woman protagonist named Betty figuring her way in a stereotypical fashion world. Although not molded according to the traditional beauty standards, hence as the name of the show suggests “Ugly” Betty navigates through the challenges thrown at her. Thus, although the show touches on many important topics, such as immigration, sexuality, and class differences besides toxic beauty standards, the ‘intriguing’ questions which are seemingly sexist, that pop up on panels, disappoint America Ferrera.

Ugly Betty
America Ferrera in and as Ugly Betty

Thus, while speaking on  ATX, reported by Entertainment Weekly, on the occasion of the show’s reunion she stated,

“It’s funny when people are like, ‘Oh, what was it like to play an ugly character?’–I mean, we never ask men that. You know? We just say, ‘What a great performance. Good for you for taking on that character.’”

She then further added,


“I think it’s kind of sad when, as a woman, the bravest thing you can do is be ugly, you know? It’s like, who cares? And then what? That’s what the show is about. It was about valuing a person for everything that they have to offer beyond the surface.”

It was evident from the intensity of claps following her statements that show how much the audience resonated with her.

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How Salma Hayek Convinced America Ferrera to Be Ugly Betty

The actress America Ferrera further reflected on the first time she heard about the opportunity that seemingly fell on her lap like it was destiny, or at least Salma Hayek, the producer of the show was convinced it was. As the Barbie star stated on the same ATX night,


“I hadn’t heard anything about the show, and she just ran up to me and said, ‘You are my ugly Betty!’—And I was like, ‘I don’t know what that means, but I’ll be whatever you want me to be.’ And then she pitched me the show. She said it’s this Colombian show, and it’s about this girl who looks like a train wreck. I was like, ‘Got it. Good.’”

America Ferrera
America Ferrera

She then further added,

“And I just knew right away that that show had to exist,—I knew that little America growing up with so few realistic portrayals of women — beautiful … and real — I just knew immediately that that show was going to exist and that it was going to resound with people. And so from there on and out, I was a million percent in.”

Although there were talks of bringing the show back after nearly two decades with a brand new season, the team eventually decided not to go that way.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly


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