“We were told everyone will sell their Xbox for Spider-Man 2”: Xbox Fans Troll Playstation – Series X Gets Sold Out as Starfield Release Date Approaches

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Xbox Fans Troll Playstation - Series X Gets Sold Out as Starfield Release Date Approaches

Although the last few months weren’t the brightest for Xbox fans, things are looking to change, and Xbox fans are finally optimistic about the console’s future. With the highly anticipated Starfield inching toward its release, it can be the make-or-break deal for Xbox, and fans are hopeful that things are about to change for the better, which can be reflected by the Series X sales.

With the sales for the Series X skyrocketing, fans of the console are not backing away from blasting previous trolls, who claimed everyone will be selling their Xbox consoles.

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Microsoft XBox Series X
Microsoft Xbox Series X

Xbox fans blast PlayStation users as Series X sales skyrocket

Despite the few tumultuous months, which resulted in Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer coming forward to accept defeat in the console wars, the gaming console is now seeing an upsurge in sales. This might be a result of the upcoming anticipated title, Starfield, led by Bethesda, known for crafting some of the best RPGs, and the Activision deal is also playing a major part.

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Following this rise in sales, fans of Series X are not shying away from blasting previous PlayStation users, who claimed the Xbox was dying, which doesn’t appear to be the case.

This isn’t the only time when Xbox fans called out PlayStation users, as after one of them claimed that Starfield should be a PS exclusive, Xbox users didn’t take that statement kindly.

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Starfield PC Specs
Stunning visuals from the upcoming Bethesda title

PlayStation fan’s demand to make Starfield a PS exclusive got blasted

Recently, a PlayStation fan made a petition, demanding Starfield should be a PlayStation exclusive, stating “Xbox players do not deserve Starfield”. This reasonably resulted in fans clowning on this delusional take, and a more level-headed fan made a counter-petition on Change.org, blasting this baseless demand. Even though he agreed that Starfield should also be made available on PS, demanding that it should be a PS exclusive is downright moronic, considering Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax is owned by Microsoft.

“This petition is for anyone who believes that the recent petition to make Starfield a PS5 exclusive game is a dumb idea. I noticed that people were signing that petition solely to leave a comment on how against the idea they were, thus unintentionally supporting that petition. This petition provides a forum for those that want to express their views without having to add to the signature numbers of a petition they do not support.”

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A still from Starfield
A still from Starfield

Although time will tell whether Starfield will be the one to bring Xbox back to its glory days like the 2010s, for now, fans are optimistic about the console’s future.

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