Former Xbox Exclusive High on Life is Coming to PlayStation and it’s Out Now!

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High on Life, is finally available for PlayStation gamers as of yesterday. Originally launched in December 2022 for Xbox and PC, the game has now ported over for PS4 and PS5 players as confirmed on the official High on Life Twitter page. This was first hinted with the trophy list being spotted on PSNprofiles.


But the news has left fans on Twitter divided. Some Xbox fans have been vocally critical about it being made available but they are having the last laugh, as the game costs PlayStation users $59.99 whilst Xbox users got it free recently with Xbox Gamepass;

“Ponies trying to justify having to pay $60 dollars for High On Life while Xbox gamers got it for free in Xbox Game Pass”.

High on Life
Are you ready to experience the craziness?

Whilst some PlayStation fans are excited to get their hands on the title, it seems like the price is a major sticking point for some;


“$60 lmao. I’m good”.

“Oh cool! yet another game I’ve been really wanting to play that I’m too poor to afford”.

Reviews for High on Life since it first launched have been mixed with most describing it as “a lot of fun” but others have been less than impressed with one reviewer stating that;

“High on Life spends all its efforts on being funny rather than being any good, and it’s not even very funny”.

Ouch! But reviews aside, it seems that the majority of gamers are actually looking forward to getting their hands on the game and experiencing the craziness.



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What’s High on Life all about?

High on Life
PlayStation users can finally get their hands on High on Life

First developed back in 2019, High on Life is the brainchild of Justin Roiland. He of Rick and Morty fame and recent controversy. His idea was to create a FPS that would feature talking guns, these would speak to the player and in turn would react to their actions.

The game itself is an action-adventure with players being given the task of assassinating selected targets. To do this they must use their living alien weaponry called ‘Gatlians’ which utilise various firing modes during combat. There are five of these to be used alongside a sentient knife, cleverly called ‘Knifey’.


The game itself isn’t all combat based, as players will have to solve puzzles using the Gatlians abilities, traverse various platform areas and there are parts of the game where players must interact socially with NPCs.

As expected the game is chock full of outrageous gameplay and that is set to further expand this autumn with the release of the High on Knife expansion. This allows players to experience even more hilarity with only Knifey for company.

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What’s your thoughts on High on Life now being available for PlayStation? Is it a game you could see yourself picking up given the price? Or is it one that you might stick in the library further down the line? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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