“Wednesday better not be the reason why Tara dies”: Wednesday Season 2 Announcement Sparks Concern Around Jenna Ortega’s Rumored Future in Scream 7

Jenna Ortega's schedule between Wednesday Season 2 and Scream 7 is looking pretty tight.

“Wednesday better not be the reason why Tara dies”: Wednesday Season 2 Announcement Sparks Concern Around Jenna Ortega’s Rumored Future in Scream 7


  • Netflix's Wednesday Season 2 announces filming date and fans are worried it might clash with Scream 7.
  • Jenna Ortega stars in both franchises and rumors say she might have limited role as Tara Carpenter.
  • Fans expressed frustration over Ortega's jam-packed schedule that might affect her character in the horror film.
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Jenna Ortega has reached a new level of fame thanks to her recent performance in Tim Burton’s Netflix series Wednesday. The actress had already starred in numerous shows and films in the past, but her breakthrough role came in the form of a teenage girl obsessed with all things macabre.

Jenna Ortega Wednesday Addams
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Now that the second season of Wednesday is already confirmed and production will soon commence, Ortega will have a busy schedule ahead. On top of that, she is also reportedly returning to the horror franchise Scream 7.

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Productions For Wednesday Season 2 And Scream 7 Might Create Conflict In Jenna Ortega’s Schedule

In a report from Deadline, Netflix’s Wednesday is moving to a new location in Ireland. The start of production is reportedly in April 2024. The first season of Jenna Ortega’s show was shot in Romania, and following its global success, the place became a hot tourist destination.

The plot for Season 2 is still kept under wraps, but fans may expect that they will see more of the Addams family and explore Wednesday’s relationship with her mother. Now that Ortega has taken the responsibility of a producer, she assured fans it will have more horror than romance.

jenna ortega in wednesday
Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

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Meanwhile, Scream 7 is also gearing up for production and is reportedly set to commence in early spring or March 2024. Rumors started circulating that Ortega might no longer appear in the movie. As per The Wrap, there is a chance she may actually return as Tara Carpenter, but in a limited role.

The strike has affected a lot of productions, and these two projects starring Ortega were not exempted. Additionally, she is also set to appear in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2, a fantasy comedy film that also did not escape the wrath of the strike.

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Fans Are Frustrated Over Jenna Ortega’s Rumored Limited Role In Scream 7

jenna ortega as tara carpenter
Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter

Fans are growing concerned about Jenna Ortega’s role in Scream 7. The same situation happened with Neve Campbell in Scream 3. She had a limited role due to schedule conflicts with another project. The public aired their frustration over this news and speculated that her character might get killed off. Check out their tweets below:

Ortega is definitely fully booked at the moment. With all her appearances in horror projects, she is now a certified scream queen.

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