How to Complete Week 0 in Fortnite – Chapter 5, Season 3 Quest Guide

Here's a guide to completing the five Week 0 quests in the current season.

Fortnite Week 0


  • This guide will help players complete Week 0 quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.
  • The major change in Wrecked is part of the new and fearsome vehicular battles that players can use.
  • Players can quickly accomplish these quests with the guide and gain experience in the battle pass..
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Epic Games has just dropped Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 called Wrecked. This new season brings a lot of changes to the core mechanics of the game, bringing a complete renewal of vehicular warfare. Players can now customize the vehicles to make them more deadly with weapons.


By following this Fortnite guide on how to complete the five quests from Week 0 of the current season, players can quickly earn a significant amount of experience for the battle pass. Through these specific quests, the player will uncover three new locations on the map that showcase the season’s full theme.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Week 0 Quests

All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Week 0 quests.
All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Week 0 quests.

In this Fortnite guide, players can discover the five quests from Week 0. These particular challenges offer the players a chance to discover the new vehicle mechanics and get familiar with the new weapons, upgraded parts of the cards, and other variations.


One of the significant changes is that players can quickly upgrade their cars by simply placing boxes on the floor, which enhances their weapons and durability with armored parts. The new season also brought new bosses to defeat and get new medallions with improvements for battle. 

This boss will not always be in just one location, as in the previous season. They will now be moving in armored vehicles. There is no hurry to defeat one of these bosses, but as in previous seasons, they will not be easy to defeat, especially if you try to defeat them alone.

Visit Redline Rig, Brutal Beachhead, and Nitrodome

Fortnite guide for new locations on the map.
Fortnite guide for new locations on the map.

This particular quest is very easy to get with a vehicle; both three places are very close to each other, part of the new part of the map that is on the south. Brutal Beachhead, located further south, is a convenient starting point for this quest.


Once you start from there, you can take a vehicle, turn right towards Redline Rig, and then head up the map to the Nitrodome in a single run. Nitrodome has several other quests to accomplish.

Fully Refuel or Repair a Vehicle

Don't forget to refuel or repair the vehicle.
Don’t forget to refuel or repair the vehicle.

On the right of Nitrodome, there is an Oasis that is marked on the map as a repair place. These particular locations are all over the map, and they are especially ideal for fully equipping a vehicle with weapons and armor.

Once you get to one of these repair stations, you can go out and fight any type of enemy and even anticipate another possible quest to gain more experience in the battle pass.


Deal Explosive Damage to Opponents

Nitro splash is a new item in Fortnite.
Nitro Splash is a new item in Fortnite.

With this particular quest, it is essential to have the new item introduced in the current season, the Nitro Splash. This splash-like upgrade will give the player a time-limited bonus, allowing them to destroy structures and do damage while running against the opponent.

Once you acquire this upgrade, you can complete the quest by striking either an NPC or an enemy player; you can accomplish this quest with both by doing 250 damage.

Destroy Objects While in a Vehicle

Armored vehicles are a thing in the new season.
Armored vehicles are a thing in the new season.

There are more vehicles than ever because they are the main protagonists of the season. This particular quest is easier than ever because you can also shoot with new upgrades. You will have to destroy 150 objects with a vehicle.


This is an ongoing quest, so there is no hurry to make it in just one match. The quest is also one of the main features of the season, so it would come naturally while playing.

Travel Distance While Boosting

Boost when traveling for quite some distance.
Boost when traveling for quite some distance.

This is also another quest that will come out naturally by playing the season; the vehicle’s boosting system changed a lot, and now it consumes less fuel. There are also new rings all over the map that will make the vehicle go faster for a limited amount of time.

Repair and refuel stations are all over the place, so it’s easy to recover a vehicle and upgrade its durability. In this quest, the player will have to travel 2000 meters while boosting; only accelerating does not count while boosting.


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