“We’re grown men here”: Jake Paul Shamelessly Uses Logan Paul’s Humiliation by Dillon Danis To Promote Betr, Calls It ‘Marketing 101’ Instead Of Defending Nina Agdal

"We're grown men here": Jake Paul Shamelessly Uses Logan Paul's Humiliation by Dillon Danis To Promote Betr, Calls It 'Marketing 101' Instead Of Defending Nina Agdal
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The online entertainment space and internet trends take a whole new shape and constantly mutate into something new every other day, It becomes quite hard to stay relevant and important in the eyes of the netizens. But somehow, Jake Paul has not only been able to survive in the dynamic landscape but also thrive through any means necessary.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Popularly known for being one of the biggest influencers on YouTube in the past, the internet personality is known today as one of the most capable boxers in the sport. But along with that, he is no stranger to how to promote and market things that make him money, even if it means cashing in on his brother’s spat with another and even his humiliation.

Jake Paul Uses His Brother’s Beef With Dillon Danis To Promote His Betting Site

Jake and Logan Paul
Jake and Logan Paul

He started off as one of the biggest overnight sensations in the YouTube influencer space along with his brother and now is known as one of the biggest names in the sport of boxing, Jake Paul has come a long way. Today, the multi-millionaire makes his money and receives his fame and fandom through being one of the most famous names on the internet for living a lavish lifestyle and running his business through it. Recently though, many fans were angered by him when he used the ongoing feud of his brother Logan Paul with MMA fighter Dillon Danis to make bank.


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With the recent feud of the elder sibling with the MMA fighter for their upcoming Boxing match on October 14th at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event, everyone is ready to see who will come put on top in this showdown. While many believed that the younger Paul sibling would come to his brother’s aid, especially after Danis was going after Logan Paul’s fiancee, it seems like he is using the opportunity to promote his betting site Betr to persuade people to bet on this upcoming match. When asked about this, The Problem Child took to his Twitter, saying:

“People are saying, ‘Jake, you haven’t come to your brother’s defense.’ Defense of what? Logan’s going to knock the f***ing s**t out of this kid, that’s all that matters. The rest is just sales for the fight, making the fight bigger. And making my brother more money… We’re grown men here, we’ve seen so much worse than this. Logan doesn’t need my help defending anything. And people are mad that I promoted Betr picks using the beef. Get over it, it’s marketing 101. Logan would be happy for people to go download Betr.”

Despite how harsh Danis’ jabs at his brother are, Jake Paul doesn’t seem to be interested in coming to his brother’s side.


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Dillon Danis Is Going After Logan Paul’s Fiance Nina Agdal

Nina Adgal and Logan Paul
Nina Agdal and Logan Paul

Since the match-up between Danis and Paul has been set for the date of October 14th, there has been a constant back and forth between the two where one is trying to trash-talk the other. Danis has taken a vile route and decided to go after Paul’s fiancee and model Nina Agdal, attacking her character at every possible chance he gets.

In the most recent instance, the fighter was seen with streamer and influencer Adin Ross, to who supposedly showed explicit pictures of Agdal on his smartphone. This has made their beef even more heated than before.


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