‘We’ve been talking about it’: Shazam Director David F. Sandberg Teases Lights Out 2 Might Be Happening Soon

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The director of the movie Shazam!, and its upcoming sequel Shazam! Fury of Gods – David F. Sandberg, finally provided an update on his much-awaited sequel to the horror movie Lights Out 2. The 2016 horror movie Lights Out became a massive hit with fans and critics alike, and everyone has been waiting with bated breath for some news on its sequel; even though it was approved right after the success of the first movie – and it’s finally here.

Teresa Palmer and Gabriel Bateman; Lights Out (2016)
Teresa Palmer and Gabriel Bateman in 2016’s Lights Out

The movie featured Teresa Palmer and Gabriel Bateman as Rebecca and Martin – two half-siblings, who face a vengeful supernatural entity in the movie. The movie also starred Alexander DiPersia, Alicia Vela-Bailey, Billy Burke, and Maria Bello. With a small production budget of only $4 million, the feature directorial debut of Sandberg ended up grossing over around $150 million worldwide.

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What’s Sandberg Been Up To Since Lights Out?

Shazam! (2018)
David F. Sandberg directed Shazam!

Since then he has been handling other, much bigger projects, like Annabelle: Creation and the DCEU hit movie Shazam! During the San Diego Comic-Con, Sandberg was present to promote his upcoming movie Shazam! Fury of Gods, and finally gave us some information about his other projects – namely Lights Out 2. And although there are no concrete plans on that yet, the studio is definitely discussing it.

“It could still happen, although Gabriel’s getting pretty old. I don’t know if that matters. It could all take place later. But at the moment, there’s not any confirmed plans, really, but we’ve been talking about it.”

With the director talking about Gabriel’s character, it is safe to assume we can expect a return of the actor in the project; and probably the rest of the original cast along with him.

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Where You Can Watch the Lights Out Cast:

Teresa Palmer was last seen in the fantasy sci-fi series A Discovery of Witches, along with actor Matthew Goode (Watchmen). Gabriel Bateman on the other hand has been recently working with the famed Steven Spielberg in his upcoming movie The Fabelmans, along with Michelle Williams (My Week with Marylin) and Paul Dano (The Batman).

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer; A Discovery of Witches
Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer in fantasy series A Discovery of Witches

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As for the director himself, it would be good to see him return to his roots with the Lights Out sequel. Given his inclination for horror story-telling with his feature directorial debut, it would be nothing less than amazing with the sequel either.


For now, David F. Sandberg is busy with his upcoming DCEU project, Shazam! Fury of Gods, which is all set to hit the theatres on 21st December 2022.


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