“We’ve Only Scratched The Surface”: Moon Knight Producer Sarah Goher Seemingly Confirms Season 2

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Moon Knight has to be one of the best psychological thriller superhero series. It has mind-bending concepts, plot twists, and a really interesting lead. With Oscar Isaac in the lead, playing two different personalities of the titular character. Also, it is a standalone series of the MCU, which is based on Egyptian Gods and mythology. But not much has been said about the future of the series. The end-credit does hint at a season 2. Also, the makers’ talks in interviews do the same. The third personality of the character has been introduced. Especially after the two learned to co-exist. It hints that there is more to the story.


Moon Knight producer hints at a season 2

Sarah Goher talks about the song at the end of the finale of Moon Knight
Sarah Goher talks about the song at the end of the finale

In a recent interview with marvel.com, Sarah Goher explains the ending of the series. She explained the theory behind the last song of Earl Grant – The End. She said, “It’s a song that says, ‘At the end of the story, it’s a story without an end.’ It feels truer to the show in a way… it’s just the continuation, and I feel like this was the right ending. This is a story that we’ve only scratched the surface of.”

Post credit scene hints at season 2 of Moon Knight
Post credit scene hints at season 2

She also added, “The journey is far more important than the end with this show. If you come out feeling more about the idea, more about Moon Knight and Marc Spector, and you care about him, and you care about Steven— even if you care about Jake, if you come out caring about all of these characters, this ending works. No ending could possibly capture a story like this. The ending is really a to be continued.”


The future of the Moon Knight series

Moon Knight finale sets up for season 2
Moon Knight finale sets up for season 2

Though, the series from the very start has been said to be only a single-season show. But the introduction of Jake Lockley in the post-credit must mean something. It has convinced the viewers that a second season must happen, which tells more about the third personality. Also, going by Sarah Goher’s statement, there could be more to the series.

Also, with the series, the makers would get more time to spend on a character as complex as Marc. The series needs time to explore every personality of Marc too, now with Jake Lockley introduced in it.

The first season of Moon Knight is available on Disney+.


Source: marvel.com


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