Moon Knight Episode 6 Fight Scenes Reveal Marc’s New Powers

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Moon Knight has finally come to end with a thrilling finale. Many agree that it is the best Marvel series so far. And based on the post-credit scene, we will probably get to see more of the vigilante hero. The finale also managed to answer all the questions the viewers had in their heads only to give them some new ones. The show sticks to its roots and also shows the struggles of its characters.


In the finale, we witness some amazing action sequences, the best one was the final one. In which Layla and Marc Spector/Steven Grant fight Arthur Harrow. Layla is now Scarlet Scarab, after becoming the avatar of Tawaret. Marc was resurrected after he reunited with Steven, and he came back stronger.

The fight scene of Moon Knight finale reveals Marc’s new powers

New powers of Marc Spector in Moon Knight finale
New powers of Marc Spector revealed

The finale revealed some new powers of Moon Knight. In the Moon Knight series, the vigilante had been fighting separately with the two personalities of Marc. But now that the two have come together, and know each other, the two can shift control easily. Also, the two function as one now and see what the other one sees, also remember everything the other one sees. Also, he was able to stop the powerful attacks of the enemies.

Marc switch easily between his two personalities in Moon Knight finale
Marc switches easily between his two personalities

So now, when the fight happens, the two fight together. Easily, switching between the personalities – Marc fights in the styles of both. He fights as Steven and Marc. Also, in the final fight against Arthur Harrow, Marc has a misstep and he gets cornered. Then he blacks out, only to wake up a bit later with Harrow badly injured in his arms. It hints that Jake Lockley has surfaced too.

The future of Moon Knight in the MCU

Moon Knight post-credit scene sets up for season 2
Moon Knight post-credit scene sets up for season 2

Though not much has been said about the future of the character. But the post-credit scene does hint at the second season. In the end, Marc and Steven are shown to be able to break the bond with Khonshu, and then also break free from the trap of Harrow. And it seems like a good ending. But the post-credit said a different story. In it we see Khonshu using Marc’s third personality Jake Lockley still serving Khonshu.

So, the fans can expect to see a second season dealing with the new personality. Jake Lockley is far more brutal. In the series, he is shown speaking Spanish. So, the next season will be a lot more thrilling to watch. To see how Marc discovers this third personality of his and comes to terms with him. Especially, when he is nothing like Steven.


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