Moon Knight Episode 6 Reveals More Power of Marc and Khonshu


The first season of Moon Knight is complete. The final episode aired recently. Looking back, it was an amazing series that got a befitting season finale to end it. The last episode was perhaps the best one so far!

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The fight sequences were a treat to watch. The Egyptian Gods were absolutely majestic in their combat. We take a look at the new powers and abilities of Marc Spector and Khonshu showcased in the season finale. What do you think of their new skills? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


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Moon Knight’s Season Finale Reveals More Powers of Marc and Khonshu

the final episode of Moon Knight revealed more powers of Marc and Khonshu
The Fist of Khonshu is a Formidable Fighter!

As aforementioned, the season finale was hands down the best episode of the Disney+ series. Be it the heartwarming gesture of Marc Spector to go back to Steven Grant, or the majestic Egyptian Gods, supersized and engaged in combat in the night sky of Cairo, Egypt, the episode was fun!


One of the most interesting aspects of the episode was the new skills and abilities we got to see on the part of Khonshu and Marc Spector. Khonshu was apparently teleporting in the episode. The Egyptian God was also huge in stature and matched Ammit when they were locked in combat. Next, we saw Moon Knight flying in the night sky and witnessed the fighting abilities of Steven Grant. Further, Steven and Marc were able to transition easily, in sharp contrast to earlier episodes. All of this hugely augmented their profiles in our eyes. We can’t wait to see them in season 2!

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Where to Stream all Episodes of Moon Knight

the final episode of Moon Knight revealed more powers of Marc and Khonshu
Moon Knight’s Poster

Moon Knight’s first season including all 6 episodes can be streamed on Disney+. Each episode is around 40-50 minutes long.

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