Moon Knight Post Credit Scene Reveals True Intentions Of Khonshu With Huge Plot Twist

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Episode six of Moon Knight aired a short while ago, and boy was it a treat to watch! The final episode was easily one of the best among all 6 aired this season. While Khonshu and Marc Spector did prevail in the end, it came at a cost. A cost borne by Marc Spector and Steven Grant.


The post-credit scene in the season finale was quite thrilling. It revealed the true intentions of Khonshu and constituted a huge plot twist!  What were the deity’s true intentions? What is the huge plot twist tucked in at the fag end of the final episode of the season? We explore the same in this article. What is your opinion of Khonshu and his actions in the season finale? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Moon Knight’s Post Credit Scene Reveals True Intentions Of Khonshu!

A Picture of The Fist of Khonshu

The post-credit scene of the sixth episode of Moon Knight was very informative and consequential. Earlier in the episode, the Moon God had given his word to Marc Spector and Steven Grant that he would free them from being his avatar. Ammit and Arthur Harrow were defeated. All was well in the end. Nevertheless, in the post-credit scene, it was revealed that Marc Spector/ Steven Grant had a third personality they were oblivious of. That of Jake Lockley, who shot Harrow on the behalf of Khonshu.

This means that Khonshu did not keep his word to Marc Spector/ Steven Grant and they still are his avatar. This backstabbing reflects poorly on the Egyptian God, who appears to be cunning and manipulative. He apparently kills Arthur Harrow and the Goddess, Ammit in him. We need season 2 asap!

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Where to Watch All 6 Episodes of Moon Knight?

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All six episodes of Moon Knight, including the season finale can be streamed on Disney+. Each episode is around 40-50 minutes long.

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