One Piece: What Are Devil Fruits? – Mysterious Origin, Explained

What Are Devil Fruits? – Mysterious Origin, Explained
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In the expansive universe of One Piece, Devil Fruits stand as some of the scarcest and most highly coveted treasures on the open seas. Devil Fruits are enigmatic and unique fruits scattered across the globe.


Devil Fruits are renowned for giving their consumers superhuman abilities that are retained permanently, notwithstanding the cost of enduring incapability to swim. With a solitary noteworthy exemption, a person can only gain the abilities of a single fruit and survive.

Devil fruits
Devil fruits

With their extensive array of capabilities, endowing users with extraordinary powers and talents, Devil Fruits are ardently desired by pirates, marines, and revolutionaries alike.


While they hold significant importance in the One Piece world, the mystery of their origin remains undisclosed. In this article, you’ll get to know, where these fruits come from and why can’t the consumers of Devil Fruits swim.

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Eiichiro Oda Drops Morsels of Information on Devil Fruits Throughout the Series

Devil Fruits indeed remains one of the most captivating mysteries in One Piece. From the very beginning of the story, fans have been intrigued by their origins and the process by which they came into existence. The initial introduction of these fruits to fans occurred when Luffy consumed the Gum-Gum Fruit in the very first chapter of the series.

Luffy eating Devil Fruit
Luffy eating Devil Fruit

As the story unfolded, more and more insights into these fruits were gradually unveiled, with Oda periodically dropping fragments of information on their functionality.

For example, during the Enies Lobby arc, Oda disclosed that no individual could consume more than one fruit. Subsequently, in the Marineford arc, fans witnessed Blackbeard acquiring Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit powers.

Blackbeard using Whitebeard's Power after Acquiring his Devil Fruit
Blackbeard uses Whitebeard’s Power after Acquiring his Devil Fruit

Further revelations came to light in Punk Hazard, where readers witnessed the birth of these fruits for the first time, with the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl. Then in Dressrosa, the cycle of rebirth for these enigmatic fruits was explained to fans, and now, in the Egghead Island arc, Eiichiro Oda has at last unveiled the answer to the genesis of the mysterious fruits.


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Devil Fruits Appear by the Power of Imagination

According to Dr. Vegapunk, Devil Fruits materialize through the power of imagination or a deep yearning for something extraordinary. While the exact mechanics of this process remain shrouded in mystery, this revelation is a monumental development for One Piece enthusiasts.

Each fruit represents a potential facet of human evolution, and all existing Devil Fruits are diverse branches of this evolutionary tree.

Devil fruits
Devil fruits

From the beginning of the story, it’s firmly established that when people eat these fruits, they gain incredible powers the nature of which is determined by the specific fruit consumed. However, the newfound power comes at a cost, and that is the irrevocable loss of their ability to swim.

Vegapunk clarified why Devil Fruits users can’t swim. According to him, these fruits born from human desires, are considered an unnatural form of evolution, defying the laws of nature. Because of this, the sea, a representation of nature, opposes Devil Fruit users.

For the moment, fans have learned a lot of valuable information in the Egghead Island arc. It promises more lore in future chapters and has been exceptional in terms of world-building in the One Piece story.


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