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What Happened to Loki in Season 2 Finale: MCU’s The God of Stories Explained

Loki season 2 finale depicts a transformation in the character who was introduced to us as a ruthless villain

what happened to loki in season 2 finale


  • Loki series explores the character of the God of Mischief and showcases his evolution over the years.
  • The character who abandoned his father and betrayed his brother gave it his all to save the multiverse from Kang
  • Loki's evolution in the second season's finale perfectly culminates the tale of the iconic character

Long before Thanos entered the stage as the big old baddie of the MCU, it was Loki who ran the show (even though it was for one movie only). The God of Mischief would time and again embark on a quest that would pit him against Earth’s mightiest. His misadventures in the MCU didn’t end there, to say the least, with impersonating his father being one of the lowest points in his character arc. But Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has come a long way. And he finally has a role that befits him. 

Everything that happened in Loki Season 1

Loki and Sylvie Season 1
Loki Season 1 set everything up for a full-fledged multiversal war

Kate Herron’s Loki depicted the much-maligned star in a new light. Having found himself on the wrong side of a multiversal authority known as the ‘Time Variance Authority’, he found himself caught in the center of a web that threatened his life (though he isn’t a stranger to such tangos).

Laufeyson would go on to uncover the reality of the TVA and meet “He Who Remains” AKA Kang. The Season ends with Sylvie killing “He Who Remains” and unleashing what could have been, in all probability, a multiversal war. 

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Loki finally finds his ‘glorious purpose’

Marvel has out done themselves with the second season of Loki
Loki is going to take the high seat

It was from this point that Loki Season 2 began. There was a question on everyone’s mind – how would the multiverse pan out without its protector? And the season finale has provided the perfect answer to the query. 

Episode 6 witnesses the 42-year-old star’s character evolve into something else entirely. To the comic book faithful, it would have been a welcome (and expected) development. The God of Mischief now has a new title: the God of Stories.

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Loki is the protector of every story as the God of Stories

Loki season 2
The perfect redemption for Loki

The trickster destroyed Kang’s ‘Sacred Timeline’ in the season finale, allowing all the branches to coexist in a conjoint manner. Yet the highlight of the finale was the anti-hero making the ultimate sacrifice for the future of the multiverse by stepping into the shoes of the God of Stories. 

In the new multiverse, all branches would coexist with the Asgardian God holding everything together in a new Yggdrassil-style tree of time. He has finally found his glorious purpose – preserving every story in the multiverse. In his new seat, the God of Stories can protect the tales of everyone who has and will live in the multiverse.  

No one could have asked for a better culmination for Loki’s story. But it is far from over as word is that Season 3 might be on the horizon. 

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