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What Is Nightwing’s Fate In Titans Season 3?

What Is Nightwings Fate In Titans Season 3
WARNING: Spoilers for Titans season 3. Read at your own risk!

The question has to be asked – What is Nightwing’s fate in Titans season 3? “The Call Is Coming From Inside The House” sees Dick Grayson making a series of rookie mistakes. Well, the reason why he’s left all bloody and beaten is because of his own mistakes. Living up this name, he tells Superboy to remain shut up and simply do what he’s told to. Of course, he then resorts to Kryptonite dust when Conner tries to talk back. But soon enough Nightwing’s fate is changed in the final episodes of season 3. Check it out.

Is Nightwing Dead Or Will He Survive?

Nightwing's fate in Titan season 3
Nightwing’s fate in Titans Season 3

Finally, Nightwing gets his wish of facing Jason Todd’s Red Hood. All throughout the battle, everything is going just fine. However, soon enough, everything that Batman taught Dick just falls out of his head. He then turns his back to a gun-toting bystander. The bullet grazes Grayson’s neck and blood starts pouring out. As a result, the superhero falls to the ground. It was not long after that a group of disgruntled Gothamites gathers around to kick Nightwing as he’s down. Titan season 3, episode 11 leaves Nightwing’s fate highly dubious. Now, where will the story go from here? Is Nightwing dead, or will he bounce back?

Is Nightwing dead in Titan season 3 episode 11?
Is Nightwing dead in Titans Season 3 Episode 11?

One thing is for sure and that is Nightwing has not yet kicked the bucket. One particular shot makes this very clear. As the bystanders start to kick him, he puts up a feeble defense in order to protect himself. Even though he’s suffered blood loss by this point don’t forget that he’s a student of Batman. That means he has gone through rigorous mental focus training. This tells us that somewhere or the other Nightwing has a plan and won’t be so foolish to be killed by a bystander.

Nightwing in Titans
Nightwing in Titans

Another factor that casts doubts on this entire situation is where exactly the bullet hit him. As the blood pours out, we can theorize that he’s either hit in his carotid artery or the jugular vein. Both are vital points to deprive him of oxygen. It all remains a mystery but what do you think about all of this?

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Written by Deepak Vasisht