“What kind of haircut is that on Bautista”: Dave Bautista’s Latest Hairstyle For My Spy 2 Gets Witty Responses From Fans

Dave Bautista's new look for ‘My Spy 2’ gets cheeky responses from fans, following Prime Video’s first look image.

"What kind of haircut is that on Bautista": Dave Bautista's Latest Hairstyle For My Spy 2 Gets Witty Responses From Fans


  • Set to release on July 18, Prime Video shared the first look image of Dave Bautista’s My Spy: The Eternal City.
  • Although the image didn't reveal much about the movie, it unveiled Bautista and Chloe Coleman's looks for the film.
  • Following the image, fans offered some hilarious responses to Dave Bautista’s new look and hairstyle in the upcoming movie.
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The 6-time heavyweight champion Dave Bautista is back as JJ, alongside Chloe Coleman’s Sophie, for the My Spy 2. The sequel will debut on Prime Video on July 18, revolving around the two characters accidentally getting entangled in an international conspiracy, in an attempt to take out the head of the CIA.

Dave Bautista as JJ, alongside Chloe Coleman’s Sophie in My Spy (2020)
Dave Bautista as JJ, alongside Chloe Coleman’s Sophie in My Spy (2020)

Recently, Prime Video shared the first-look image of My Spy: The Eternal City, via X. Although not much is revealed about the movie in the image, it does unveil Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman’s looks for the film. And certainly, fans are losing their minds over Bautista’s new look. Offering cheeky responses, netizens are expressing their excitement surrounding the film.

Prime Video Shared the First Look at My Spy: The Eternal City

Following the 2020 movie My Spy, Dave Bautista reprised his role as JJ, a no-nonsense CIA operative, for the upcoming movie My Spy: The Eternal City. Starring alongside Chloe Coleman’s Sophie, who previously played a strong-willed 9-year-old girl in the first installment, Bautista will be seen chaperoning Sophie’s school trip in the upcoming sequel.


But that’s not all. The plot for My Spy 2, has a lot more suspense and entertainment than a mere school trip. According to the upcoming Prime Video film’s storyline, Sophie’s school trip will end with Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman’s characters getting entangled in a terrorist plot targeting the CIA Chief.

Bautista and Coleman in My Spy: The Eternal City | image: Prime Video
Bautista and Coleman’s first look in My Spy: The Eternal City | image: Prime Video

After My Spy’s lackluster 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, fans can expect the sequel to beat this score, with fresh new ingredients and enticing premises. With Peter Segal back as director, the movie features a stellar cast including Ken Jeong, Anna Faris, Kristen Schaal, and more. With My Spy: The Eternal City releasing on Prime Video, the streamer recently shared the first look image.

Showing the MCU actor Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman on a street, with their tense look, the image shared via Prime Video X account didn’t reveal much about the movie. However, the one thing that the image revealed was the actors’ new look in the film. While Coleman appeared grown up, Bautista drew the spotlight with his new hairstyle.


Dave Bautista’s Latest Hairstyle Receives Cheeky Response from Fans

Following Prime Video’s new look image of My Spy: The Eternal City on X, several other outlets shared the same image to attract people’s attention towards the upcoming movie. In an attempt to do so, DiscussingFilm witnessed some hilarious responses from fans regarding Dave Bautista’s new look.



Cheekily calling out the actor’s hairstyle, netizens appeared to be losing their minds over Dave Bautista’s new look. While some appreciated the hairstyle sportingly, others appeared overwhelmed with laughter. From hilarious comments to expressing regrets over Bautista’s hairstyle, fans overflowed the comment section with their opinion.

My Spy: The Eternal City will hit Prime Video on July 18.


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