“What our industry needs more than anything…”: Stellar Blade’s Kim Hyung Tae Won’t Change ShiftUp’s Philosophy Any Time Soon

As more companies turn towards monetization through the internet, SHIFT UP remains committed to the single-player experience.

"What our industry needs more than anything…": Stellar Blade's Kim Hyung Tae Won't Change ShiftUp's Philosophy Any Time Soon


  • Stellar Blade is an upcoming single-player hack-and-slash title from the mind of Hyung-Tae Kim.
  • In an interview with Ruliweb, Kim shared his opinion on the importance of an end-to-end single-player experience within the gaming industry.
  • He believes diversity in games and platforms helps to foster a healthier environment in the industry.
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Hyung-Tae Kim’s Stellar Blade is the latest PlayStation exclusive set to hit the shelves at the end of April. Fast-paced combat, dynamic environments, and beautiful characters are some of the major draws for this game, and what we’ve seen so far has been very impressive.


The title follows another trend that many gamers will appreciate: it’s a single-player story-focused game. This means there is no online aspect to the game, besides any possible DLC that may come later. As more and more companies gravitate towards the live service model, SHIFT UP has no such plans in the pipeline.

Stellar Blade’s Hyung-Tae Kim Shares His Thoughts on Single-Player Titles

Stellar Blade promises to be a holistic gaming experience.
Stellar Blade promises to be a holistic gaming experience.

Multiplayer has not only become very common, but many gamers expect titles to have the component on release. However, there are still games out there that offer a single-player-only experience, and Stellar Blade is one on that list.


According to the CEO of SHIFT UP, Hyung-Tae Kim, single-player titles that have an ending are essential to the video game industry. He also stated SHIFT UP will continue to make such games, a statement many will rejoice in the wake of so many gaming studios switching to multiplayer and live service formats.

The cause for this is simple: profits. Live service and multiplayer games tend to bring in more players and offer greater revenue-making opportunities.


Honestly, I hear a lot of advice from people around me that it would be better to make games with a higher operating profit margin. But what our industry needs more than anything else is diversity, isn’t it? Console titles, that is, single-player games with an ending, have a very important existence value in themselves.

Single-player games are the foundation of modern gaming, and it’s good to see a company dedicated to keeping them alive. Multiplayer and live service elements may gain prominence, but there is something to be said for a complete experience as opposed to one that is delivered in bits and pieces.

Diversity and Collaboration are Needed for the Gaming Industry to Thrive

No need to wait for a new season for new content with this game.
No need to wait for a new season for new content with this game.

Kim goes on to talk about how single-player titles co-existing with other forms of games and platforms are essential for a healthy industry. Stellar Blade is offering an end-to-end experience, with the possibility of additional suits or story expansion content being launched later on as DLC. The crux of the matter is that fans are guaranteed a complete experience with a single price tag.

SHIFT UP remains committed to challenging consoles and creating games that allow the players to enjoy themselves to the end before returning to reality feeling good. The combat is being compared to Sekiro in regards to combat, and that’s high praise for a standalone title. Kim’s involvement in the project is also drawing a significant number of eyes to the game.


The rest of the interview with Ruliweb gives us insight into Kim’s creative process when developing the game. Fans will appreciate how certain decisions were made to enhance gameplay and the overall experience. You can read the full interview here.

What are your thoughts on Kim’s opinion about single-player titles? Let us know in the comments!

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