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What Would Happen If Coronavirus Hit The Disney World

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and we are getting sick of it (literally). Thanks to some artists across the world who are coming to our rescue and easing out our anxiety by making the situation a little humorous.

38-years-old American artist AL, who is known by the handle ‘aldoarts’ on Instagram is known for his illustrations featuring Disney characters. Very recently, he created a series of new ones where he tried to imagine what would happen if Disney World was struck by coronavirus.

Of course, Aladdin ate a lot and grew a belly. Check out the absolutely hilarious results in these 33 pics

1) What better thing could have Jasmine asked from Aladdin in this whole new world?

2) Ariel’s keeping a check on King Triton from the other end of the ocean

3) Flounder doesn’t seem very happy about Ariel’s idea…

4) Who knew Prince Charming was this bad at pick-up lines.

5) Is that a pickup line or a death wish?

6) Perfect attire for Zoom calling Cinderella

7) Now Aladdin’s gonna be pretty mad at Jasmine…

8) 2 plates of spaghetti with meatballs, please

9) Forget the mortal potion, Hercules drank something else this time!

10) Here’s your new pickup line for your next tinder match

11) Don’t worry Jasmine, we’re in this together

12) Let us all social distance for some time ladies

13) Nope, where’s your damn mask Jasmine?

14) The night couldn’t have ended any better. But they’re royalty…why not Burger King?

15) Not sure if that is enough time for Beauty and the Beast

16) Nope you gotta do what you gotta do. Safety first.

17) If I were Ariel I would turn back into a mermaid and let humans deal with Covid-19 while I’m partying under the sea

18) “Washy your handys”. Who here watches Mandalorian?

19) Hercules is the most underrated Disney movie ever. Change my mind

20) Ursula making sure Ariel doesn’t have corona so she put some gloves on. Now open wide and say ahhhh

21) Teacher in Zoom call: Why are you laughing? Me: No reason. My brain:

22) Do you crust me? I can give you some food. Cheesy, garlicky, pizza. Now tell me, princess, Do you want French fries on the side? A grub hub world

23) I mean It’s the thought that counts!

24) Do it Eric! We are counting you, finish her, please!

25) The Disney characters are taking it more seriously than us. He is wearing gloves!

26) Anybody who had plans for a Disney vacation this summer?

27) Right where they belong. Thanks, Cinderella

28) Plot twist: The mirror says “Giggity giggity goo” each time you look into it

29) Snow white: I survived the poison apple, I’ll survive this coronavirus pandemic too. The evil queen: You might need this though.
What do you think she mixed in the sanitizer though?

30) I don’t think Aladdin can outrun the guards anymore…

31) Don’t worry queen, the mirror adds a couple of pounds

32) Homer being a good friend an bringing a burger is the most wholesome thing you will see today

33) What she should have done to Lucifer years ago.


Source: BoredPanda