‘What’s it like having a little sister?’: Millie Bobby Brown Looks Furious After Henry Cavill Calls Her a Sibling, Tries To Pass it Off in the Heat of the Interview

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Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown form a great brother-sister duo as Sherlock and Enola in Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2. They cracked one of their biggest cases of all time teaming up with each other. But what’s the dynamic between these actors in real life? Are they like brother-sister siblings? Well, this is what was asked of Henry Cavill recently and his reply brought a frown upon Brown’s face. It was all good fun, but instead of a sister, both the actors agreed that Brown was more like a brother to Cavill.


Henry Cavill Teases Milly Bobby Brown

Milly Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill

A couple of weeks ago, both the Enola Holmes 2 leads appeared on Good Morning America and they were asked whether their on-screen relationship matches their off-screen one. According to Cavill, it kinda does, but there’s a bit of a twist. When asked about Brown being like his little sister, Cavill replied:

“I’m from a family of five boys. So we’re used to noise and making fun of each other all the time. And that’s pretty much Millie. So, there’s no real difference.”


Rightly said! Here, see for yourself (from 2:20 onwards):

Mille Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill talk 'Enola Holmes 2' l GMA

As you can see, Brown also replied:


“No but I’m like a brother. I’m not really a sister. I’d be more like a brother.”

She went on to say that Henry Cavill is more dedicated and focused while she is the playful one. In the past, she also revealed how she used to tease Cavill all the time.

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Milly Bobby Brown Strikes Back

Henry Cavill and Milly Bobby Brown

While Henry Cavill pulled her leg during the GMA interview, it used to be the opposite on set. Speaking with ET Canada‘s Morgan Hoffman, Milly Bobby Brown explained how she made the Superman actor uncomfortable with her constant poking around. She said:


“He’s an introvert and I’m not, so that in itself. I just tease him on my loudness and I just make him really uncomfortable, which is what I’m good at. I’m very loud and I like to sing a lot and I like to talk to him about reality dating shows and he’s just not interested, and that’s me teasing him. That’s like stage one for me, we haven’t even got to stage 10. It’s a process.”

Well, it does seem that these two usually have quite a lot of fun on set.

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“My plate is becoming slightly more full”: Henry Cavill Addresses Potential Sherlock Holmes Spin-Off Movie as Enola Holmes 2 Wins Over Fans
Henry Cavill as Sherlock

One could assume that this fun will only continue as the two actors would certainly return for more movies in the franchise. While Cavil’s Sherlock Holmes has played second fiddle in the first two movies, he might be taking the lead in the next film which was teased at the very end of Enola Holmes 2. Young Enola should still be there to help her brother out against Moriarty, but it’s highly likely that the next film in the franchise would be a Sherlock Holmes movie. That could be followed by an Enola Holmes 3 later on.


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Enola Holmes 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. Watch it if you haven’t already!

Source: Good Morning America


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