What’s West Of Westeros – All Possible Places The Rumored Arya Stark Show Could Explore

Despite multiple announcements by HBO, fans are still adamant. Most of us believe that the network is considering another Game of Thrones Spin-Off. And the show will explore a fan-favorite character. Arya Stark set sail for the Sunset Sea, intending to explore and answer an age-old question – What Lies West of Westeros? The mythical and fantasy world of Game of Thrones has dragons, basilisks, krakens, dark deities, ancient white-skinned mutant conquerors and the likes. Despite creating a large world, George R.R Martin solely focused on events happening in and around Westeros. The larger and more intriguing Essos was avoided. The western areas were shunned altogether. Will the rumored Arya Stark show explore places we never thought existed in the first place?

Arya Stark is channeling her inner Magellan. Armed with a trained crew of sailors, a Stark branded ship, and an incomplete map of the Sunset Sea, she has embarked on a perilous journey. What she discovers might rock the very foundations of the Game of Thrones universe.

The Lonely Light – The Crazy Castle Of The Sunset Sea

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First things first, let’s put whatever we know on the table. According to the official map of Westeros, the western most point that is still inhabited by human beings is a small castled island. Called the Lonely Light, the noble house in charge of the castle are the Farwynds. Even the Ironborn consider the Farwynds to be insane. Given their proclivity for odd and violent rituals, that is saying something. The Farwynds are considered by many to be descendants of Mermen. Other believe they were originally Northmen that were blown off course due to violent storms that rage the sea in that area.

If Arya Stark is crazy enough to embark on such a journey, then only the Farwynds would be crazier enough to accompany her. We have never actually seen The Lonely Light or any of the Farwynds in the show, so that would be a welcome move.

The Islands Of Aegon, Visenya, and Rhaenys – The Westernmost Point Of Westeros

Aegon the Conqueror led the War of Conquest on Westeros. 300 years ago, him and his two sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys rode their might dragons and laid waste to the entire continent. The three islands in question are the farthest mapped location to the West of Westeros. These are virgin forests untouched by men and lush with vegetation. Named after the three original Targaryen rulers. the islands are yet to be explored in depth. The island could be full of mysterious flora and fauna. It would serve for a good location to explore untold mysteries. The islands were discovered by Elissa Farman. After escaping the Targaryens with three ships in her charge, Farman discovered the islands and sailed further westwards. She was never heard from again.

It was Farman who stole the three dragon eggs that eventually found their way to Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. This brings us to….

Arya Might Be The First (Or Second) Woman To Circumnavigate The World

There is always the possibility that Arya might end up discovering a whole new continent. But that would be too cliché. Moreover there’s something better in store. George R.R Martin has confirmed the fact that the world of A Song of Ice And Fire is round, not flat. And it is also bigger than the planet we currently live in. Arya Stark is not the first explorer with dreams of going west. There have been three people who have tried to do so. The first of them was Brandon the Shipwright, an ancient North King who dreamt of exploring what lay beyond the Sunset Sea. When he failed to return home, his son destroyed the Northern Fleet to prevent any further excursions.

The second was Rhaenys Targaryen. Her plan was to fly the distance on her dragon. After her mysterious death in the Dornish wars, she could not complete her quest. The third contender is also the most intriguing of the lot. Elissa Farman was exiled from Westeros by the Targaryens. She discovered lands and islands on the Sunset Sea nobody else had even set foot on. A few decades after her voyage, another mysterious traveler traversed a distance. But he went East, ending up in the mysterious sorcerer’s city of Asshai. There he found a ship that looked uncannily similar to Elissa Farman’s ship. If you put two and two together, it means the Sunset Sea would lead to the eastern reaches of Essos, all the way to Asshai.

Arya Stark could be travelling west, only to end up circumnavigating the globe and ending up in the easternmost point of Essos, the most mysterious and unexplored location in the world of Game of Thrones.

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