While Marvel Stans Fan Cast Him as Miles Morales, Stranger Things Star Caleb McLaughlin Wants to Play Static Shock in DCEU

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The talented cast of the sci-fi/horror series, Stranger Things, has started to reach various new milestones with the actors earning more and more recognition. While Millie Bobby Brown has become renowned for her roles in Enola Holmes, Sadie Sink drew heads after she starred in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well: The Short Film. And other crew members from the show are working on equally great projects.

Stranger Things Season 4 has broken several records.
Stranger Things Season 4

Caleb McLaughlin, the actor who plays the role of Lucas Sinclair in the show, recently revealed his hopes and plans for the future. And with Stranger Things soon to get wrapped after its final season, the actors are naturally going to explore other opportunities before them.

Caleb McLaughlin shares his hopes about doing a superhero film

Caleb McLaughlin revealed his dreams about working in the superhero side of the film industry in a Q&A round at Heroes Comic-Con that took place in Brussels.


Upon being asked about his preference/s for future projects, the 20-year-old star shared his ardent desire to get starred in a superhero film, especially one of DC’s. “I want to do a superhero film. I would love to play Static Shock honestly,” he said.

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Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things (2016-).
Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things (2016)

McLaughlin also hinted toward certain other projects that he was in the middle of developing which would soon make their way to the screens.


Although he mentioned he was “open to being any character,” it sure looks like he has his eyes set on playing a DC superhero. However, at the same time, he also shared his thoughts about Marvel fans casting him as Miles Morales’ Spider-Man and he seemed to be pretty thrilled about that role as well.

Will Caleb McLaughlin go ahead with the role of Miles Morales or Static Shock?

The Concrete Cowboy star shed light on how he was rather keen about playing Miles Morales’ Spider-Man in a live-action film. “Oh, I would definitely be up for it,” he remarked. “I’ve been training for it, working out every day. Doing…100, 200 push-ups a day.”

McLaughlin also said that though he hadn’t talked to any major entity about the same, he was aware of the fan castings and would “love to play Miles Morales.” “I’m from New York so I would love to,” he shared.


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Caleb McLaughlin is working out for Miles Morales’ role

Although his top contenders on his list of superheroes he’d like to play seem to be clashing a little with what, him being up for Marvel’s Miles Morales as well as DC’s Static Shock, McLaughlin’s shot at bagging either one of the roles is, nevertheless, highly likely. He does look like he’s prepping himself quite seriously for the role of the former, so maybe he’s a little more inclined toward that.

But, the only way fans are getting to know the superhero fate of the Stranger Things star, is when he officially announces it in the future. Till then though, the audience should enjoy him playing Lucas Sinclair as he comes back for the last season of the show.


Stranger Things season 5 might release in the latter part of 2023, however, no official word has been given yet.

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