Iconic Byers House of Stranger Things Fame Goes For Sale for $300K: ‘This house does need a full rehab’

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Whenever a movie or a TV series is launched into popularity, there are always notable items and places in the movie that become a symbol of attraction for fans, Ryan Gosling’s jacket in Drive is one such example. However, Stranger Things has one iconic thing that recently went on sale which is also seen as an important part of the whole series.


The TV series’ antique items list has an item, and in this case, a structure on sale that has taken up the memorabilia game by a notch. The Byers house as depicted in all the seasons of the TV series is currently up for sale.

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The Strangers Things House Is Currently On Sale

If you are a US citizen living near the city of Fayetteville in Georgia, and also happen to be searching for a new house to live in, you can currently view the iconic Byers house in the area as your new home if you’re willing to pay the whole $300,000 for it.

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Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers in the house

Costing less than a million, the Byers residence is currently for sale on Zillow, and it’s quite the catch if you also happen to be a fan of the TV series yourself.

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The house is made up of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as a barn and a shed. However, the listing says that it does need a revamp as you could see the pathetic condition of the house in the TV series itself-

“This home does need a full rehab, but with the right owner the potential return on investment (ROI) could be HUGE!”

Fans of Stranger Things, if you’re nearby and looking for a new home then this is it. You could potentially be sleeping in the same bedroom as Millie Bobby Brown‘s Eleven did in the series! Although you won’t be getting any of her powers.

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The Stranger Things Fandom Is Prospecting On Buying The House

One notable thing about the sale of the Byers’ house from Stranger Things is that the house is currently up for sale, but only serious buyers are wanted as clients.

It also states that the house is perfect for an Airbnb getaway or a rental, meaning it’s gonna have to take some brains to make a good investment out of it if you plan on buying it.

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A view of the Byers house from outside

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But such things do not bother the fandom of the TV series at all. The symbolic connection of the house to the series is alone enough a reason for fans to come together and attempt a hit at buying the $300,000 house-

This fan believes it should be priced higher-


Dibs? –


This user calls for a complete renovation of the house into a museum! –

This user is willing to use their college funds to get the house-


It would be quite an exciting prospect to live in the house that was so important to the plot of your favorite TV series. On the other hand, you aren’t the only fan of the TV series and unfortunately will have to deal with the number of fans trying to explore the house.

Stranger Things is currently available for streaming on Netflix.


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