“He can’t stand the sight of blood”: Shawn Levy Backs Down From Stranger Things Deadpool Crossover, Says Wade Wilson Doesn’t Like Nose-Bleeds

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Crossovers have always been a great tool to bind fandoms from different fictional universes to come together and enjoy the spectacle of an unusual meetup. Such a crossover event would’ve been to the delight of many Stranger Things and Marvel fans since one of the most eccentric Marvel characters was quoted to be part of a crossover with the TV show.

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Deadpool, Marvel’s sarcastically hilarious superhero, has a possible crossover happening with the sci-fi drama series Stranger Things, according to the director of the third upcoming Deadpool movie, Shawn Levy. But it seems like Levy’s words hold no value as the director brings attention to some distressing news regarding the crossover.

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The Deadpool – Stranger Things Crossover Is Not Happening

Shawn Adam Levy is a Canadian director who founded the 21 Laps Entertainment production company. For those who do not know, 21 Laps Entertainment is the production company for Stranger Things.

Putting two and two together, Shawn Levy will also be directing Deadpool 3. This basically means he has the leverage (he’ll have to make a worthy pitch to Marvel though) to include Ryan Reynolds’ character in the Netflix series, or have the characters from the TV series included in maybe a cameo for the upcoming Deadpool movie.

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Here’s what the 54-year-old director had to say about the possible crossover to Variety on the Emmys red carpet-

“Ryan Reynolds and I were trying to figure out how in the world could we do a ‘Deadpool’-‘Stranger Things’ crossover. We haven’t cracked it yet, but it’s on the table.”

This seems like good news, right? Sorry to break it to you guys but it’s not happening. In a fresh new tweet on his account, Levy confirms that the crossover talk was just a “dumb joke” he made at the interview-


We all wanted the crossover from Levy, and it’s damn saddening that we aren’t getting it. But hey, at least we get Deadpool 3.

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The Deadpool – Stranger Things Fans Were Pretty Aware Of The Joke

The Stranger Things – Deadpool crossover isn’t happening, and we have to suck it up. But it seems like fans who watched the interview (and didn’t just read about it from the article) had it figured out that Shawn Levy was just pulling a leg when talking to Variety at the Emmys red carpet.


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I was kind of expecting to see fans on Twitter blow up the thread for Levy’s tweet like crazy, but it seems like they’re pretty smart-


This user assures Levy that he does not have to apologize-

Back the Levy army! –


This user knew it was a joke-


Playing it safe-

It was all jokes! No, but seriously, a Stranger Things and Deadpool crossover sounds amazing, and we can only dream of all the hilarious one-liners Deadpool would be making with Steve Harrington.


Stranger Things has an upcoming fifth and final season confirmed, which is likely to release in 2024 considering that filming is reportedly beginning in 2023.

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