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Who Is David Warner: Internet Takes a Knee for Star Trek, Scream 2 Star Who Passed Away at 80

Famous British actor, David Warner who is known for The Omen and Time after Time, passes away at 80. The actor died due to cancer-related issues. His family issued a statement saying,

Over the past 18 months he approached his diagnosis with characteristic grace and dignity. He will be missed hugely by us, his family, and friends, and remembered as a kind-hearted, generous, and compassionate man, partner, and father, whose legacy of extraordinary work has touched the lives of so many over the years. We are heartbroken.”

David Warner passes away at 80
David Warner passes away at 80

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David Warner’s work:

David Warner in The Omen
David Warner in The Omen

The Omen in 1976 was one of the seminal horror movies of the 1970s. He had played the role of Jennings, who was a photographer and he developed images of the specific manner of death the individuals are superimposed.

He also reprised the role of Nazi Heydrich in 1985 in Hitler’s S.S. Portrait in Evil.

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He also played Stevenson, who turned out to be Jack the Ripper in the 1979 crime thriller,Time After Time.

David Warner played a villain in 1981’s Time Bandits and he starred with Angela Lansbury in 1985’s The Company of Wolves.

He also made two films with director Sam Peckinpah, The Ballad of Cable Hogue, and 1977’s WWII thriller Cross of Iron.


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David Warner- A part of the Star Trek franchise:

David Warner in Star Trek
David Warner in Star Trek

David Warner was also a part of the Star Trek franchise. He played two unrelated roles in the Star Trek movies. He played the role of St. John Talbot in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. In Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country he played the role of Gorkon, chancellor of the Klingon High Council, who was murdered.

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David Warner as a voice-over artist:

David Warner
David Warner

David Warner was also a voice-over artist who contributed to animated series like The Legend of Prince Valiant, as Duke Richard of Lionsgate, Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles, Freakazoid, Spider-Man, Transylvania, Superman, Batman Beyond, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Men in Black: The Series and in lots of videogames.

He will be forever missed and remembered in our hearts.

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