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‘Why can’t we just get a simple Black Cat heist film?’: Fans Slam Sony’s Alleged Plan to Make Black Cat a S*xual Abuse Survivor

'Why can't we just get a simple Black Cat heist film?': Fans Slam Sony's Alleged Plan to Make Black Cat a S*xual Abuse Survivor

Black Cat has been rolling in the background of Sony for a while now. After scrapping the team-up movie between her and Silver Sable, Sony is now adamant about bringing the cat burglar in live action with a darker turn.

From the early discussions about the production of the Black Cat movie, rumors have been floating on the internet about Sony’s push to take Felicia Hardy’s story in a dark direction, which has left many fans hesitant.

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Black Cat and Silver Sable
Black Cat and Silver Sable

Fans are uncertain about Sony’s direction for the Black Cat movie

Even though the s*xual abuse factor plays a core aspect in Felicia Hardy’s character growth in the comics which eventually set her on the path of learning different fighting techniques, fans are hesitant about Sony’s approach to this sensitive topic and don’t have a lot of confidence on how the studio might deal with the sensitive issue.

Some fans shared their desire for a simple heist movie about Black Cat, who has been known for being a quirky and carefree cat burglar for decades and doesn’t acknowledges Sony’s darker approach to the character.

Even though some fans understand the importance of the story and its importance in Black Cat’s character development but are still concerned about Sony following such a sensitive topic, considering their previous failed attempts at building a Spider-Man universe with their recent failure being Morbius, that was bashed by the internet.

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Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker
Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker from comics

Black Cat being a s*xual abuse victim is canon to the comics

The darker approach of Sony about the cat burglar being a s*xual assault survivor is canon to the comics. In the Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do miniseries, Felicia Hardy’s tragic past was explored. The comic takes a dark turn from Spider-Man and Black Cat’s strong romantic relationship to the time when she was r*ped by her college boyfriend. In the storyline, Felicia Hardy doesn’t report the crime as she didn’t want to be another statistic and gets motivated to learn different fighting styles so that she can take revenge on her attacker.

Although her story was never followed up from that incident in the comics, Sony seems inclined to adapt this darker narrative for the cat burglar in the upcoming movie. But considering Sony’s failed attempts to kick start a Spider-Man universe, with multiple mediocre releases, it’s reasonable why fans are uncertain about Sony pulling off such a sensitive topic.

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Spider-Man and Black Cat
Spider-Man and Black Cat

Although nothing has been confirmed about the final direction for the movie, the early hearings seem to emphasize this storyline and it’s likely possible that Sony would follow this 6-issue comic storyline as a basis for the live-action cat burglar.

No release date for the Black Cat movie has been announced.

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