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“Why does it have to be f–king stupid?”: After Blasting Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Gary Oldman Claims He’s Ready to Join Marvel for a Personal Reason

"Why does it have to be f--king stupid?": After Blasting Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Gary Oldman Claims He's Ready to Join Marvel for a Personal Reason

Gary Oldman is a seasoned actor known for his exceptional versatility and captivating performances. With a career spanning several decades, he has established himself as one of the most talented and respected actors in the industry. From portraying iconic characters to delivering impeccable performances, Oldman’s dedication and unmatched talent shine through in every performance. 

Oldman has starred in several blockbuster franchises which include Harry PotterPlanet of the Apes, and The Dark Knight trilogy. His remarkable range and unwavering commitment to his craft have solidified his place as a true legend in the world of cinema. But it looks like the Darkest Hour star is not done with franchises, as the actor shared his willingness to be a part of the MCU. This may come as a surprise to many as the Oscar-winning star had criticized the Iron Man movie before for its logic.

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Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman Called The Iron Man Movie Stupid 

Oldman had at one point set his sights on leading another potential franchise with the rebooted Robocop film in 2014. He was drawn to the project after witnessing director Jose Padilha’s approach to reimagining the story. Comparing Padilha’s work on Robocop to what Christopher Nolan accomplished with the Batman franchise, Oldman praised their efforts to break free from previous iterations and explore new directions.

“What the director wanted to do was take the ideas from the first movie and expand on them. To do that, he had to smash it to pieces. It’s what Nolan did with Batman. He just wiped the slate clean, went way back to the original source material, and then gave you the world. He reinvented it.” 

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon
Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon

Adding on, the Mank star shared that reinventing the popular movie should be done properly. For Gary OldmanRobocop represented a smarter and more realistic approach to the genre. In contrast, he believed Iron Man fell short in terms of its logic and sense.

“It’s the same thing that Tomas Alfredson did with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. You have got that great big book, you have got a very successful television series, and he had to make it his own thing while keeping the spirit of original work alive. That’s what appealed to me about RoboCop, doing this with José. It’s a genre movie, but why does it have to be f—king stupid? Like, Iron Man flies from Malibu to Afghanistan; that’s stupid.”

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Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

Gary Oldman Wants To Join MCU For His Son

Despite his previous criticisms and reservations, Gary Oldman’s perspective on MCU movies appears to have evolved. The Prick Up Your Ears star revealed a newfound willingness to consider starring in a Marvel film. However, his motivation for joining the MCU stems from a personal reason. Oldman admitted that Marvel had not reached out to him yet, but he shared that his son expressed a strong desire for him to be a part of the superhero franchise. 

“It’s a genre movie, but why does it have to be f***ing stupid? Like, Iron Man flies from Malibu to Afghanistan; that’s stupid.”

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Gary Oldman as Sirius Black
Gary Oldman as Sirius Black

Oldman may think the MCU movies to be lacking in logic but it appears like his son’s wish has surely convinced him to be a part of this franchise, if offered. As the actor continues his remarkable career, adding Marvel to his extensive list of successful franchises could be a great future possibility. 

Source: Esquire; People

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