“Why is there no s*x in movies?”: Emma Stone Had No Shame About Her Body and Nudity Before Wild S*x Scenes in ‘Poor Things’ Starring Mark Ruffalo

"Why is there no s*x in movies?": Emma Stone Had No Shame About Her Body and Nudity Before Wild S*x Scenes in 'Poor Things' Starring Mark Ruffalo

Emma Stone has shown her extraordinary potential in the entertainment industry. Kicking off her acting career as a child actor, she gained wider recognition as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man movie and its sequel. She has come a long way to eventually bag an Oscar for her performance in 2016’s La La Land. Having acquired years of experience in the industry, she understands how to perform what her character’s situation demands. 

Poor Things
Emma Stone in Poor Things

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She is returning to the big screen with Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe among others in the hotly anticipated film, Poor Things. Recently, film director, Yorgos Lanthimos shared some interesting insights in its making, including Stone’s steamy scenes. 

Poor Things Director Talked About Emma Stone’s S*x Scenes

Poor Things starring Emma Stone
Poor Things [2023]
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The black comedy movie, Poor Things is adapted from Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel which follows Bella Baxter(Emma Stone) who was brought back to life following her suicide by a scientist. The highly anticipated movie has already premiered at the 80th Venice International Film Festival this Friday. At the press conference, film director Yorgos Lanthimos talked about the raunchy scenes. 

He joked stating, 

“It’s weird, isn’t it? Why is there no s*x in movies?” 

He continued to share that the intimate moments were natural elements of the novel which is why excluding them would be unjustified to fully evolve the character’s journey. 

“First of all, s*x is an intrinsic part of the novel itself, her freedom about everything including sexuality. And secondly, it was very important for me to not make a film which was gonna be prude because that would be completely betraying the main character. We had to be confident and again, like the character, have no shame.”

He further talked about how the lead protagonist completely embraced the intrinsic part and performed with no shame about engaging in those scenes. 

Emma Stone Was Not Ashamed to Perform Wild Scenes in Poor Things

Emma Stone in Poor Things

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The director praised the Easy A actress for acknowledging her character’s story thus embracing even the wild life of Bella Baxter.

For her to portray Baxter, they needed to make sure that she was confident about her part.  

“We had to be confident Emma had to have no shame about her body, nudity, engaging in those scenes and she understood that right away.” 

Thankfully, Stone understood her assignment and synchronized with his perspective. 

The great thing about me and Emma is that we have made four films together; there is a shorthand and we can communicate without having to explain or talk to much about things. As soon as I started saying something about s*x, she would say: ‘yes,’ of course, it’s Bella. We will do what we need to do.”

While she was in full motion to be confident about her roles, the director mentioned that the actors were given a safe and intimate environment for them to engage in steamy scenes. Rehearsals were also done to make sure that Stone would get familiar with her co-star, Mark Ruffalo, who was her partner in those wild scenes.

Poor Things is set to be released in the United States on December 8, 2023. 

Source: Rolling Stone

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