Why Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim isn’t the Huge Advancement we Hoped For

New features seems to be missing from the new PlayStation 5.

Why Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim isn’t the Huge Advancement we Hoped For


  • The recently announced new PlayStation 5 console isn't what players had hoped for.
  • New PlayStation console has minimal changes and looks similar to the original PS5.
  • The new PS5 console comes with a detachable disk drive and 1 TB storage space.
  • The only new and surprising feature of the new PS5 is the higher price than the original console.
  • Previous slim models of the PlayStation consoles were released with lower prices than the original.
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After months of rumors and almost three years after the launch of PlayStation 5, Sony has just announced a new P5 model. Both the digital and disc drive models are to be updated with the new version, which is said to be reduced in volume by more than 30% and weight by 18-24%.


But that’s not all. If you plan to get a digital model at first and feel like upgrading to a disc drive model, you can buy the detachable disc drive separately. However, the disc drive will cost a whopping $79.99.

The decrease in volume of the new PS5 model as mentioned by Sony does seem like a big upgrade but nothing much has changed except the detachable disc drive and a slight bump in storage. The new PS5 model still looks like the old PS5 in more than one way.


Sony’s New PlayStation 5 Isn’t The Upgrade We Expected

Sony's newly released PlayStation 5 model isn't what fans had expected or hoped for
Sony’s newly released PlayStation 5 model isn’t what fans had expected or hoped for.

Although the new PS5 model looks slimmer than the original PS5, it is still huge. Unlike the previous PlayStation consoles, the new PS5 model doesn’t seem to get much slimmer, it looks very similar to the original console.

Even according to the size comparison of the old and new PS consoles on CompareSizes, both models are pretty similar. Maybe, this is the reason why Sony is not calling it the PS5 Slim, because even if they did give it the name, the so-called “design refresh” isn’t anything fresh.

Even if Sony’s tagline describes the new console as “Same Immersive Power. New Slimmer Size,” it isn’t slimmer. It is essentially the same console with a removable disc drive.


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Now coming to the weight, Sony announced that there is a reduction of 18% and 24% from original models, but to be blunt, people do not care about the weight of the console. I mean nobody is going to carry around a console or put it in their lap while they play. Also, instead of two panels, there are now four panels, two on both sides.

Then comes the realization that nothing has changed in the specifications of the new PS5 console. Sony has retained the same specifications for the new PS5 and the only change is extra storage space. Instead of 825 GB of storage you’re now getting 1 TB of storage. I mean sure you can keep a few extra games installed while you check out others, but this isn’t anything significant.

The new PS5 console still looks like the original PS5 despite the "design refresh."
The new PS5 console still looks like the original PS5 despite the “design refresh.”

Also, players who felt like they needed extra storage have already upgraded with SSDs and no one is going to get a new model just because it has extra space of 175 GB, that too with a $50 increase in price.

Other than that, the only change in the new PS5 is the addition of one extra USB C port, instead of the usual Type A and Type C, which is welcome by all means, but wasn’t exactly needed.

Sony announced that once the current stock of the original PS5 is sold out, the new PS5 model will be the only model available. Another irritating feature of the new PS5 model is you can’t display it vertically if you do not get a special stand which will be sold separately for $29.99.


Did We Actually Need a New PlayStation 5?

The new PlayStation 5 console comes with a detachable disk drive and a slight bump in the storage which isn't a real reason to bring a whole new console.
The new PlayStation 5 console comes with a detachable disk drive and a slight bump in the storage, which isn’t a real reason to produce a whole new console.

The new PlayStation 5 was created to “address the evolving needs of players,” says Sony but all it looks like is a desperate attempt to make money. A large number of PlayStation fans already own a PS5 and it isn’t looking to be much desirable for them either.

It would have also made more sense if Sony hadn’t announced that the new console would replace the original, since there are no significant improvements, not only in terms of design but also the specifications.

The original PS5 has no customizations other than that players can use solid-state drives to increase the storage space and the new PS5 model is essentially the same.


The only difference is that it a few more gigs of extra space than the original console and from the early reactions, current PS5 owners wouldn’t want to spend $449 so that they can have a bit of glossier console that comes with a detachable disk drive, which is at this point the only difference between the new and original.

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The new PS5 also doesn’t seem like it will perform better or run games more smoothly than the original console.


It could have helped the console get some traction if Sony had announced it would have some exclusive releases, which could have resulted in a little boost to its demand. However, at this point, the new PS5 isn’t drawing any attention other than gamers mocking it.

Those Without A PS5 Console Could Be the Only Potential Takers for the New PS5

There is virtually no reason for current PS5 owners to go for the new PS5.
There is virtually no reason for current PS5 owners to go for the new PS5.

The only hope for the new PS5 model is the people who do not have a PlayStation 5 console yet, but seeing the prices, the chances of that are slim. The original PlayStation 5 standard edition costs $499.99 and the digital edition is priced at $399.99.

However, where the previous PlayStation Slim consoles were priced less than the original consoles, the new digital PS5 prices have increased.


The new PS5 standard edition costs $499.99 in the US, the same as the original PlayStation 5, but the price of the new PS5 digital edition is hiked by $50 and will set gamers back by $349.99.

Another major feature that could attract gamers is that players if get a digital edition at first can easily upgrade the console with the detachable disc drive.

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Although the trend these days has more players going for digital consoles and using cloud gaming, some people still value disc drives. Overall, only those who do not have a PS5 will go for the new PS5 model as there is no reason for others to upgrade.

The new PS5 also offers something not so relevant for many gamers, separate cover panels with glossy and matte finish on top and bottom.

The original Sony PlayStation 5 is a sheer value of money for gamers who want to get the best out of a console
The original Sony PlayStation 5 is a sheer value of money for gamers who want to get the best out of a console.

The only way the new PlayStation 5, which is “slimmer” but isn’t called the PS5 Slim, can be an advancement is if you want a customizable console as per your needs and wishes, or if you can’t find the original consoles on shelves after a few months.


Ultimately, the only good value-for-money console is the original PlayStation 5 in terms of price, specs, and contemporary but still sleek design. If this still doesn’t seem like a bang for your buck, crack on with the not-so-slim PS5, when it launches this holiday season.

What are your thoughts about the new PlayStation 5 console? Are you looking to get one when it launches or will you hold on to the original? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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