“Let me share the best Fallout 4 clip out there…”: Clips Like These are Why we Love Fallout – Fallout 5 When?

Fans of the franchise are sharing their best clips.

“Let me share the best Fallout 4 clip out there…”: Clips Like These are Why we Love Fallout - Fallout 5 When?


  • The Fallout series is a total success; fans and critics love it. This adaptation is complete on Prime Video.
  • Fans are very happy about this recent adaptation, and to celebrate this, they shared the best clips of the games on X.
  • The popularity of the franchise has reached new peaks, and Bethesda needs to launch the fifth installment ASAP.
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A golden era of video game adaptation is happening right now. With impressive series like The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, or very funny movies like Sonic, the games are finally doing some justice after horrendous adaptations. The critics and fans are praising the new adaptation of the Fallout franchise that is on Prime Video. 


This series has its own original history, but fans are very happy with the result. Fans of the games have been sharing the best clips of Fallout 4 on X to celebrate the popularity of the series.

The Fallout Series is Another Great Video Game Adaptation

The Fallout series was a tremendous success for Prime Video.
The Fallout series was a tremendous success for Prime Video.

After a ton of terrible adaptations of video games like Max Payne or both Hitman movies, Hollywood appears to not respect the original material, resulting in box office flops.


But after many attempts, there is currently a new golden era of these adaptations with amazing films like The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, and most recently the outstanding The Last of Us HBO series. Fallout is another fantastic adaptation that made fans very happy about how Prime Video respected the original world-building of the series.

To celebrate, fans made a giant thread on X with the best clips from all the Fallout games in the franchise. These clips have the whole personality of the saga, with hilarious moments that are both bizarre and impressive.


This thread encompasses all the games within the Bethesda IP, ranging from New Vegas to 76, 3, and the fourth installment, with each clip featuring exceptional content.

Fans Are Very Happy and Want Bethesda to Make a New Game

Bethesda needs to work on Fallout 5 really fast.
Bethesda needs to work on Fallout 5 really fast.

The clips that players are uploading make the combat mode a hilarious thing that can deliver the best moments of this game. With all this buzz about the name Fallout, fans only want one thing: a new entry in the main saga. Fans expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome of the franchise’s online game. After many years of new content, Fallout 76 makes players happier, but at the end, fans only want the fifth entry.

Bethesda has a lot of upcoming projects in the next few years, and a new game in this franchise is not currently the company’s main objective. Games like The Elder Scrolls 6, Indiana Jones, and the Blade game will come first. The series’ success will likely make this giant studio change priorities and try to make a new game about this popular saga that will make fans really happy with amazing gameplay.


Prime Video has not confirmed a second season for the show, but with the popularity that this series has earned, this will probably be a certainty. In other gaming adaptations, there is a movie about Death Stranding in production, as well as the second season of The Last of Us and a Ghost of Tsushima film. Hollywood has finally paid attention to this business and is trying to make the best work possible.

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