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‘Why would we pay to watch our movies with ads’: Fans Claim Internet Is Doomed as Netflix’s Ad Supported Tier Gains Traction Following Twitter’s $8/Month Plan


Capitalism strikes yet again as Netflix officially rolls out its ad-supported tier for people to enjoy. The tier will be released at 9 A.M. PT starting from $6.99 a month. With more amenities and ad-free experiences, the prices go on increasing to $19.99 a month.

This price change comes while the news that Twitter will soon charge people for the “verified tick mark” on the social media platform is facing backlash. As the greediness of corporations increases, the people are fed up with capitalistic policies.

Netflix's change in plans.
Netflix’s change in plans.

The People Hate Netflix’s Ad-supported Tier

The entertainment giant is on people’s back due to the password sharing that many users have been doing for a long time. Although the plans to change the tier prices were in place in due time, the ad-supported plans do not seem to entice the people as much as Netflix thought.

Elon Musk and Netflix are on the same path.
Elon Musk and Netflix are on the same path.

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The idea of Elon Musk charging people for the verified tick mark seems to agitate the people more as Netflix had already been in a fix as the production company had lost a million subscribers during the early quarters of 2022. The password sharing by the users and the subscriber loss forced Netflix to change the tier costs with an additional resolution change!

The people will have to pay for resolutions along with ads as the prices are divided resolution wise too. In the year 2022, 1080p has become the basic resolution to watch series and movies for which Netflix will charge a whopping 15.49 dollars! The people took to Twitter and asked Netflix whether they should watch ads in a movie/series that they paid for.

Netflix will likely lose more subscribers with the current tier plans that will be launching. The plan is released exactly a month before the entertainment mega-giant Disney will also release its ad-supported tier.

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The Chances Of Piracy Against Netflix Goes Sky High

The piracy rates for Netflix will reach new heights.
The piracy rates for Netflix will reach new heights.

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Since the OTT meta, piracy rates have decreased considerably as, during the early 2000s, people had no choice other than theaters, piracy, or CDs. Following the meta transition to OTT apps, people were able to watch entertainment from the comforts of their homes. With an ad-supporting tier, the experience is sure to get ruined. Spotify was one of the earlier companies to do so but they offer free listening along with ads compared to the $6.99 of Netflix with ads.

Disney recently announced that they too will be launching an ad-supported tier set to release in 2023. There have been no further price dislocations for the same.

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