Wildest Deadpool 3 Theory Says Ryan Reynolds Will Become Marvel’s Messiah, Eraze Subpar Shows Like She-Hulk Out of the Timeline

Deadpool could change the MCU in the same way he changed the Fox-verse.

Wildest Deadpool 3 Theory Says Ryan Reynolds Will Become Marvel's Messiah, Eraze Subpar Shows Like She-Hulk Out of the Timeline


  • A new theory states Deadpool is here to clean up the MCU.
  • The characters might wipe out bad content from the timeline that has left a bad taste in fans' mouth.
  • Deadpool has also done this in Deadpool 2, when he was given the time travel device.
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When it comes to breaking the 4th Wall, Deadpool is the character that usually pops up in most people’s minds. Often mistaken for his insanity, this ability of Wade Wilson is looked at as an intrinsic part of the character by fans of Deadpool, but it also doubles as a superpower for the character.

A still from Deadpool and Wolverine
A still from Deadpool and Wolverine

One bizarre theory suggests that Deadpool might be the key to fixing the MCU, and not just at the box office or for the benefit of the fans. Rather, as an internal narrative device that will erase all parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that have failed to stick the landing so far.

Deadpool could be Marvel’s reset button

Deadpool 3 promises a wild adventure with Deadpool and Wolverine
Deadpool 3 promises a wild adventure with Deadpool and Wolverine

While it might not lead to a complete reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Deadpool could serve as a narrative janitor, cleaning up the timeline and making it so that bad stories that don’t fit into the MCU are completely erased, or so the theory states.


In the teaser that was dropped for Deadpool & Wolverine, Deadpool could be expected by the TVA to clean up the timeline of content that could be breaking the multiverse. This could result in the character encountering plot points from previous films that have cluttered the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Through his meta-textual knowledge, Deadpool could take the complaints made by fans directly to the source, and create an MCU that would be more palatable to fans. The originator of the theory, Reddit user u/cognaceast, theories that this could all have been planned by the studio, as unlikely as it seems.

Deadpool might not fix just one timeline

The multiversal tree in Loki
The multiversal tree in Loki.

Deadpool & Wolverine has multiple cameos slated, and given that the TVA is involved in the story, it is safe to assume that time travel and the multiverse will be involved in the story. While Deadpool has already fixed the Fox timeline at the end of Deadpool 2, he could do the same to other Marvel projects that were not received well enough. This could include extra-MCU projects too, such as Avengers Assemble and New Mutants.


Deadpool is a prime character to go on such a multiversal adventure, given that he has already done this in Deadpool 2. Combined with the fact that TVA could serve as an audience surrogate, Deadpool has quite the opportunity to use his fourth wall-breaking ability and use it to his advantage, not just in fights, but also to correct story points. Perhaps an encounter with K.E.V.I.N is in the cards?


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