Will Doctor Strange 3 Have Moon Knight’s Scarlet Scarab – May Calamawy Responds

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The action packed final episode of Moon Knight is nothing but a marvel fare in the cinema. Marc Spector and Steven Grant began coming to terms with each other. The battle of Ammit and Khonshu was spectacular. It marked as a great team up for Moon knight/Mr Knight and Scarlet Scarab.


Layla El-Faouly – Scarlet Scarab, MCU’s First Egyptian Superhero

Apart from the giant Marvel fare happening, the other side of the episode opens up. The first egyption superhero debut character of Layla El-Faouly as the MCU’s own Scarlet Scarab is a milestone for the MCU.

Layla is a testament for being true to oneself!

Moon Knight
Moon Knight

The addition of the egyption Superhero in the marvel cinematic universe elated the whole episode. With everyone screaming for Layla! Layla gains the power of flight when suited up and the arms of twin blades, making her as powerful as she could.

Scarlet Scarab in the Moon Knight
Scarlet Scarab in the Moon Knight


Taweret is the newest God of the MCU. She is considered to be the Egyptian goddess of women and children. Taweret is the new avatar occupied by Layla. The actress Calamawy, who plays the character of Layla, had her ancestral history of Egypt which she finds powerful. She believes her history added an original touch and essence to the character of Layla.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios – Moon Knight

This new and diverse version of Scarlet is written more finely than other women superhero characters of MCU. In the Moon Knight, Layla uses her gained powers to assist Marc and Steven to fight with Harrow and his forces.


May Calamawy On The Crossover Than Can Bring Forth The Magic In The MCU.

May Calamawy in an interview with Inverse,talks about her inner will for her character Layla El-Fauly for crossovers in the MCU. Calamawy has a keen desire to crosspath the egyption superhero Layla, with MCU characters. Like mainly Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch or Blade.

She said,”There has been nothing yet that I know of what could happen with Scarlet Scarab. But I love Doctor Strange, that would be cool. Blade would be cool because I’ve worked with Mahershala Ali and I think he’s so wonderful.”

Let's crossover Layla and Doctor Strange
Layla and Doctor Strange Crossover Possible?

Calamawy is of the opinion that she has many characters to explore with Scarlet but that solely depends on the story.


Calamawy about Layla said,“a whole mystery” Who is ready to be explored in future

With the season coming to an end, and the Characters like Marc and Steven being free of the commitment of Khonshu. And Layla is now free of Taweret and the duties.

The grandiose characters of MCU
The grandiose characters of MCU

The marvel fans are probably brainstorming with their views and ideas about what could pave the way for the storyline of Season 3 of Moon Knight. Let’s assume for now where MCU takes us with this character to build something new.

Fingers crossed!

Can we see the new collaboration as desired by Calamawy of Layla with Doctor Strange 2 or Blade in the future of MCU?We wonder if her wish will come true and the audience would go all gaga over the fandom of Layla and Doctor Strange.


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