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Will Moon Knight Become An Avenger?


Moon Knight on Disney Plus concluded this week with a nail-biting finale. Marc and Steven ultimately merge as a unit in the last confrontation between Ammit and Khonshu, alternating smoothly between Moon Knight and Mr. Knight as they combat Arthur Harrow’s minions. Layla accepts to be Taweret’s avatar and takes on the identity of the Scarlet Scarab, the MCU’s first Egyptian superhero. Eventually, after Marc, Steven, and Layla come to the rescue, we witness Arthur Harrow being escorted out of a psychiatric facility by the vicious Jake Lockley we’ve all been expecting. The fact that the program is completely self-contained, with no reference to the Avengers or any other Marvel superhero, is remarkable.


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How does Moon Knight Fit into the MCU?


Moon Knight’s history is a little hazy as to whether it takes place before the Blip, after, or during the five years when half of humanity vanished. There are no allusions to any of Marvel’s bigger events. This may be referred to the fact that America, home to majority of MCU’s heroes, is absent in the series. Despite Steven Grant serving in a history museum in London, it is not the same one where Sersi and Dane Whitman worked in Eternals, removing yet another clue to the show’s setting. Regardless of the lack of Easter eggs or connective tissue, Moon Knight is surely established in the MCU. Because Black Widow is the only Phase 4 project set before Blip, this show may be set after it

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Will Moon Knight join the Avengers:


Head writer Jeremy Slater expresses his desire for future collaboration in an interview with the latest edition of Total Film. “Because [Marvel boss] Kevin [Feige] is the guy who decides all that stuff. Look, if it was up to me, he would be part of the Avengers. It’s absolutely not up to me, but I think that is the goal!” Moon Knight has collaborated with the Avengers on several occasions in the comics. He was a member of the West Coast Avengers for a time in the 1980s. In a subsequent plot, Black Panther also granted him a position on the main Avengers line-up.

Though it’s doubtful that Oscar Isaac will battle besides Spider-Man and Thor anytime soon, there are other options. The comics version of the character formed a subset of the Avengers team. The MCU may adopt a similar approach and establish multiple new groups drawn by the original Avengers instead of replacing them.

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