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Moon Knight: Every Unanswered Question In The Series

Moon Knight was one of the best Marvel series so far. With its first season, the series finale managed to answer most questions that came to our heads. But it also gave us questions that were left unanswered. The fans cannot help but wonder what the future holds for the titular character in the MCU. Not just him but everyone around him too. Everyone is curious and wants to see more of Oscar Isaac. It is also full of so many surprises that gave us further questions. Here are a few unanswered questions in the series.

Are other Ennead Gods really dead?

The Enneads in Moon Knight
The Enneads

In the last episode of Moon Knight, Arthur Harrow arrives at the Pyramid of Giza. He casts the judgment of Ammit on the other Avatars. The four fall immediately while the Osiris’s avatar, Selim dies a little later. But it is still a question of whether it is just the avatars who are dead or the Gods in them are too. Plus, the rules of scales of judgment aren’t that clear yet. Do they affect the souls of Gods as well? Also, as it turns out the roles of gods are interchangeable. As Tawaret was present in the Duat taking the dead souls. But the death of five major deities can cause a huge imbalance among the Egyptian Gods.

Why wasn’t Anubis among the Enneads?

Anubis in Moon Knight

According to Egyptian mythology, Anubis is the god that judges people based on their scales being balanced and Ammit devours the unworthy souls. But in the MCU, the goddess seemed to play both roles. Also, she chooses Arthur Harrow as an avatar despite his unbalanced scales, s she blames her previous avatar with perfectly balanced scales for her captivity. So, she chooses against the standard rule at her will. Also, in the MCU gods seemed to have interchangeable roles. In one of the scenes, there was an ushabti statue noticed that did resemble Anubis. So, he would probably join the show in the future, based on how simple it is free gods from it.

Could people see the fight between Ammit and Khonshu?

Ammit and Khonshu fight in Moon Knight
Ammit and Khonshu fight

In the finale, we witness the two Egyptian gods fight as their avatars do. But was it visible to the common people? The fight between Khonshu and Ammit does cause some damage and interferes with human events. And that is something the Enneads had vowed against. But there is no one left to judge them as the others are supposedly dead. But the chances of the fight being visible to the people is quite low. As the two gods were fighting in front of the entire city of Cairo but the people seemed unbothered by it.

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Did Ammit die along with Harrow?

Arthur Harrow as Ammit's avatar in Moon Knight
Arthur Harrow

Layla and Marc manage to bind Arthur Harrow and Ammit in a spell that would kill the goddess if the avatar was dead. In the post-credit scene, Jake Lockley is shown to shoot Arthur but the death of the character happens offscreen. It leaves the fans questioning whether he really died or not. Also, we have already seen Marc survive the gunshot wounds with the help of Khonshu. So, it could be or could not be that Ammit and Harrow are dead.

Why does Marc not know about Jake?

Jake Lockley in Moon Knight
Marc does not know about Jake

From the beginning of the series, it seemed like Marc knew well about Steven. But the two do not seem to know about Jake Lockley. As it was made clear by Khonshu in the final scene that Marc was not aware of how messed up he truly is. No one knows what led to the origin of Jake or if he was the reason Khonshu chose Marc as his avatar. And it could be Khonshu who has asked Jake to conceal himself from the others like he told Marc not to talk to Steven. The upcoming season would give us a clearer picture of the future of Moon Knight.

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