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Moon Knight Theory: Jake Lockley Killed Marc’s Mom

Moon Knight Season 1 has finally ended and the MCU is a much better place with Oscar Isaac in it. The explosive season finale left fans gasping for air. While the conclusion remains divisive, it is more or less open season on Moon Knight theories after that epic post credits scene. Jake Lockley is finally making splashes and we just can’t help ourselves anymore. This new Moon Knight theory reveals Jake Lockley did much more than just unexplained blackouts for Marc and Steven. It is possible it was Jake Lockley that killed Marc Spector’s mom.

That would indeed explain a lot.

Jake Lockley – Moon Knight Third Persona – EXPLAINED

Moon Knight latest episode sets up Jake Lockley
Jake Lockley

In the comic books, Marc has three distinct identities. Marc Spector is the brutal mercenary with impeccable close combat skills. He lives and dies by the bullet. Rough and rugged, there is no situation Marc cannot punch his way out of. Steven Grant is the billionaire socialite. He is the persona that handles all of Marc’s hard earned mercenary money. A wall street investor, Steven Grant has made a fortune out of Marc’s wealth and now uses it to fund all of Moon Knight’s operations.

The Cab Driver/Spymaster - Jake Lockley
The Cab Driver/Spymaster – Jake Lockley

Jake Lockley is the third persona. He is a British cab driver who has a network of spies and informants throughout the city. He is extremely resourceful and is the beating heart of the entire Moon Knight outfit. The intel he gathers is always instrumental in helping Marc stay a step ahead of his enemies.

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Moon Knight Gives Lockley A Diabolical Twist

Moon Knight – Jake Lockley

Of course since it is the MCU we are talking about, there will be some creative liberties. Jake Lockley is Moon Knight is not the one we see in the comic books. The Moon Knight Episode 6 post credits scene shows Khonshu is still working with Marc and Steven without their consent. Marc’s mind has a secret third persona – Jake Lockley. After Marc and Steven spare Harrow’s life, Lockley takes over and breaks Harrow out of the hospital, shooting the guy in a car as Khonshu watches.

Moon Knight post-credit scene
Moon Knight post credit scene

The sadistic grin and the satisfaction in the eyes of Lockley as he makes Harrow bite the lead proves this persona is prone to violence. And he likes it. Jake Lockley of the MCU is a cold blooded killer.

Moon Knight Theory – Steven Was Not Marc’s First Persona

Steven Grant - Moon Knight
Steven Grant – Moon Knight

The show would have you believe that it was Steven Grant who manifested first inside Marc’s head. Marc would switch over to Steven every time his mom would abuse him as a kid. Steven Grant was just a figment of Marc’s imagination, and as Steven himself puts it – ‘[Marc’s] Human Stress-ball.”

Moon Knight - Marc & Steven Blackout Way Too Much
Moon Knight – Marc & Steven Blackout Way Too Much

But what if there was more to this story. Season 1 of Moon Knight reveals the show still has many questions to answer. The unexplained blackouts mean neither Marc nor Steven know what happens next. Even the viewers have no idea. The only reasoning is that Jake Lockley takes over when he realizes both Marc and Steven are in way over their head and he must get them out of the fix. It is highly plausible that Lockley has been there since a long time, even before Steven manifested.

Marc Manifested Steven To Cope Up With Stress But Manifested Jake Lockley To Fight It

Moon Knight MCU
(L-R): Rey Lucas as Elias Spector and Fernanda Andrade as Wendy Spector in Marvel Studios’ MOON KNIGHT, exclusively on Disney+

Wendy Spector turned to alcoholism and blaming Marc for the death of her youngest son, Randall Spector. In Moon Knight Episode 4, it is revealed that Marc did try to attend her funeral but couldn’t muster up the strength to go in. Did Marc subconsciously know already that his secret third persona was somehow responsible? This Moon Knight theory does have a few holes. But it certainly makes for a good talking point.

young Marc Spector - Moon Knight
Young Marc Spector – Moon Knight

Jake Lockley may have done what Marc and Steven never could. He has been doing it since Episode 1. Whatever Marc and Steven have trouble dealing with, Jake would jump in and do it for them. Jake kept Marc’s connection with Khonshu active despite his the other two personas being against it. Steven loved his mum and Marc feared his mother. So it was up to Jake Lockley to get his hands dirty and kill the person responsible for years and years of trauma Marc had endured.

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