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Moon Knight: Why Khonshu is Weaker Than Ammit


In the last episode of Moon Knight, Marc ends up at the Field of Reeds, but he decides to return to the Duat to see Steven. Marc remembers Steven never abandoning him as a youngster, and he would do the same for Steven. Following that, Marc and Steven discover Osiris’ gates opening in front of them, and Taweret suggests that Osiris may have gone soft on both of them.

Moon Knight: Why Khonshu is Weaker Than Ammit
Moon Knight

After slaughtering the avatars of every other Egyptian God, Arthur now frees Ammit. Ammit intends to judge the souls of Cairo as soon as he returns, but Layla frees Khonshu at the same moment. Khonshu tries to confront Ammit, but he is too weak. WHY?

Why Khonshu is weaker than Ammit?

Ammit and the other gods in Moon Knight are propelled forward by human faith; the more people who believe in them and the firmer their faith, the more powerful the gods become. Khonshu had a limited loyal following (albeit complex). Harrow, on the other hand, has established a worldwide cult dedicated to Ammit, with followers willing to die for their beliefs. There’s an ironic way in which Ammit owes her power to Harrow.

Ammit in Moon Knight - Why Khonshu is Weaker Than Ammit
Ammit in Moon Knight

This illustrates why Harrow had such an easy time defeating Moon Knight’s Ennead, as their devotion has shrunk to a few tiny groups who practice Kemetism or other neopagan belief structures today. Even the most powerful gods in Egyptian mythology had avatars that were lesser than Ammit and subject to her might. The Ennead argued that mankind had abandoned the gods, not the other way around; in some ways, both were probably true, with much of humanity forsaking their gods and the Ennead losing their ability to influence the world as a result.

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Khonshu - Moon Knight: Why Khonshu is Weaker Than Ammit
Khonshu in Moon Knight

Khonshu is eventually defeated by Ammit, but things go differently for Harrow, who is easily beaten by Marc and Layla. But, eventually, Arthur has the upper hand, and he uses his staff to kill Marc and Steven once more. Marc then blacks out as he looks at Layla, who is surrounded by Arthur’s men.

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