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“Will you have a look at this script, because it’s terrible?”: Alan Rickman Secretly Altered Kevin Costner Movie That Made a Hefty $342M Profit

Alan Rickman tried to save a humorously bad Robinhood remake, but did it work?

"Will you have a look at this script, because it's terrible?": Alan Rickman Secretly Altered Kevin Costner Movie That Made a Hefty $342M Profit


  • Alan Rickman disliked the original script of the 1991 remake Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
  • The Harry Potter star went to his screenwriter friend, Peter Barnes, to change a few lines.
  • The 1991 Robinhood remake later ended up making $342M profit.

Hollywood is often known for making gritty reboots of classic films like Batman, James Bond, and several Disney movies. And once, it tried to do the same with Robin Hood. Featuring Alan Rickman, filmmakers once tried to rebrand the classic English hero for modern audiences, in 1991. 

Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman

Unfortunately, Alan Rickman’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves failed miserably at its rebranding attempt for the classic hero. Instead, the 1991 remake ended up being remembered for Kevin Costner’s magnificent mullet. But what’s shocking is how Rickman secretly altered the script of the movie that ended up making $342M profit. 

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Alan Rickman Secretly Edited The Script of His 1991 Film 

Having a thoughtful approach to his stagecraft, Alan Rickman seems to be the type of actor who craves the role of a bad guy. Often appearing in movies as a villain or an antagonist, the Die Hard actor took on a lesser-known role in the 1991 remake Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  

Fandomwire Video
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

However, the actor seemed to have a healthy disdain for the ridiculousness of the script. Which eventually led Rickman to secretly make some changes to his lines, with external help. During a BAFTA interview, Rickman recalled seeking help from his longtime friend Ruby Wax, and his screenwriter friend, Peter Barnes, “Will you have a look at this script, because it’s terrible?”

He said ‘well, here where it says you’re coming down the corridor and you’re wiping the scar off of the statue — you should have a wench in a doorway, and then you should say, ‘You. My room, 10.30,’ and then turn to the other wench and say, ‘You, 10.45’.” 

Alan Rickman
Rickman recalled secretly editing the script of his 1991 movie

Eventually, after making changes, Alan Rickman recalled going to director Kevin Reynolds and informing him about the new lines. And surprisingly, the director gave him free rein to add in whatever he liked. “Nobody knew this was happening except him,” Rickman recalled and addressed how his idea worked wonders for the film. 

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Alan Rickman’s Additions Saved Robin Hood Remake 

Alan Rickman seems to have the habit of changing the script and his lines, just like he did in the renowned Harry Potter movies, and also came up with the idea to have Hans Gruber wear a suit in Die Hard. But what he did for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, turned the whole thing way better with his additions. 

Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Evidently, the actor seems to have saved the 1991 movie featuring Kevin Costner from being a terrible disaster. Although the movie failed at its attempt to rebrand the classic English hero, it certainly didn’t fail to entertain the audiences. And all thanks to Alan Rickman for his effort and changes to the script that saved the movie from disgrace. 

Alan Rickman
Rickman’s changes helped the movie make $342M profit

Critic Roger Ebert was right to notice that Alan Rickman had gone somewhat off-book with his performance in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Thus, he rightfully credited the actor for single-handedly saving the film. The 1991 remake later made $342M profit, but Rickman was quite aware that despite his additions, the movie wasn’t going to become a classic any time soon.

Watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves on Apple TV. 

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