With a $12M Shoestring Budget, M3GAN Dethrones Avatar: The Way of Water To Become Box Office Top Dog, Breaks James Cameron’s 3 Week Winning Streak

With a $12M Shoestring Budget, M3GAN Dethrones Avatar: The Way of Water To Become Box Office Top Dog, Breaks James Cameron's 3 Week Winning Streak
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The unbroken box-office haul by Avatar: The Way of Water was finally put to an end by the recently released M3GAN. The horror movie made by Universal and Blumhouse has garnered an amazing response from both the critics as well as the viewers. The movie which was made on a significantly low budget of $12 million recovered a total of $11.7 million on its opening day only. The reception received by the movie promises a certainly unexpected lifetime box office collection.

A still from the movie

It can’t be denied that the hype of Avatar: The Way of Water didn’t show any possible sign of the box office domination stopping soon. But to everyone’s surprise, the weird amalgamation of humor with horror in M3GAN proved to be a successful move by the makers.

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Avatar: The Way of Water gets defeated by M3GAN

With a colossal budget, magnificent visual effects, involvement of new-age movie-making techniques, and insane hype, the James Cameron directorial proved to be an unstoppable force. Avatar: The Way of Water has earned a total worldwide collection of $1.558 billion and is still in the race to aim higher.

Avatar: The Way of Water - a visual delicacy
James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is a visual delicacy

The movie centered on Pandora and the blue Na’vi species ran as the top movie at the domestic box office for 21 days until M3GAN entered the race. Along with the Thursday night preview collection, the horror flick earned a total of $11.7 from the domestic box office which is $300,000 higher than Avatar 2‘s 22nd-day collection.

Even the makers were shocked at the bar set by the movie as they didn’t expect it to rise so much. The success of the movie can be attributed to the present social media culture which can responsibly affect the popularity of anything. On top of that toning down the movie from its R-Rating to PG-13 also ensured a wider reach. The total worldwide collection of M3GAN stands at $15.5 million.


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The future box office scenario for both the movies

M3GAN in M3GAN directed by Gerard Johnstone

If the domestic box office collection is seen, Avatar: The Way of Water earned a total of $483.2 million and is expected to cross $500 million very soon after the weekend collections. On the other hand, M3GAN which was projected to earn something around $17 million is now on the path to garnering a total of around $27.5 million in its debut week.

The success of the Allison Williams movie also proves that horror flicks are one of the most successful ventures in the post-pandemic box office. The other big horror names which presented an impressive box office reception in the recent past include Barbarian and Smile. 


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M3GAN tells the story of a robot doll possessing artificial intelligence who soon goes on a killing spree against everyone coming between her and her human companion. According to reports, Universal is also planning to develop a sequel after the magnificent reception it got.

Avatar: The Way of Water and M3GAN both are running in theaters near you.


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