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With Man of Steel 2 a Dead End, Henry Cavill Returns as Kingdom Come Superman of the DC Multiverse in Epic Fan Art

With Man of Steel 2 a Dead End, Henry Cavill Returns as Kingdom Come Superman of the DC Multiverse in Epic Fan Art

Henry Cavill was one of the best things to have happened to Superman and the DC Studios. Therefore, when Black Adam teased a DC future with the actor, fans were exponentially excited to have their Superman back. Unfortunately, James Gunn and Peter Safran’s takeover resulted in Henry Cavill ending his run as soon as it restarted.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

However today, anything is possible thanks to the digital world, and fans who want to see a few more glimpses of the actor play Superman can do so owing to brilliant artists online. For instance, an artist shared his version of Henry Cavill’s Superman and what he would have looked like in a possible Kingdome Come project.

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Henry Cavill’s Kingdom Come Fan-Art

Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come comic
Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come

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An artist who goes by the username ‘skull101ify’ took to Instagram to share a few edits of Henry Cavill from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, adding to his prized collection. In his edits, he depicts Cavill as the Superman from Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ alternate story, Kingdom Come, a chronicle of a new generation of superheroes without a moral compass.

Skull101ify showed Cavill as a much older Superman in a unique suit created especially for Kingdom Come. Apart from the older features, the artist takes his fan art to the next level by using the court scene from Batman V Superman to show that Ross’ Superman exists in a democracy which was seen in Kingdom Come and Peace on Earth.

Check out the edits below:

Via Skull101ify's Instagram
Via Skull101ify’s Instagram
Via Skull101ify's Instagram
Via Skull101ify’s Instagram
Via Skull101ify's Instagram
Via Skull101ify’s Instagram

At one point, fans were almost convinced that James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe would have a place for a Kingdom Come project. However, with a younger Superman and Cavill out of the picture, the dream is probably not going to become a reality! We’ll just have to make do with fan art.

Henry Cavill Wanted to Play a Comic Accurate Superman

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Way before Cavill reprised his role in Black Adam, sending fans into a short-lived excitement, he expressed his desire to play a comic-accurate Superman. A Superman we all know and love. Talking to Collider in 2021, Cavill stated that he wanted to continue playing the superhero as it was no longer about him or the craft adding, “It is personal to a degree.”

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He then went on to talk about his run as Superman stating that while Man of Steel was a good origin story, things took a darker turn in BVS. The Enola Holmes actor added that he would truly love to play a gentle Superman as seen in the comics.

“I would love to have the opportunity to play the Superman that we all know and love from the comics, as a continuation of his development and we see the hero. That would be really, really exciting for me because there is an opportunity to tell a lot of interesting story there. It’s just about finding the right hooks to have a character that is as good and idealistic as Superman, that there are wonderful opportunities to delve into what it’s like to exist as him and those hardships that come with that. When you have to save everyone, how hard is that on you? That could be an interesting line to run.”

It sure is extremely unfortunate that Cavill will no longer be able to fulfill this dream of his. Saying goodbye to Cavill’s Superman was not an easy task for his fans that could see that the actor put his heart and soul into the role. But, he is now onto bigger and better things and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for his fans!

You can stream Cavill’s entire run as Superman on Max.

Source: Instagram | Skull101ify

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