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RUMOUR: ‘Wolfenstein 3’ Starts Development After Xbox Exclusive Indiana Jones

According to a recent Job posting from developer MachineGames, we may be getting Wolfenstein 3 sooner rather than later. The FPS Veterans are still hard at work on the Xbox-exclusive Indiana Jones game. However, a job vacancy requesting a Senior Animator with a “passion for video games and especially for first-person immersive games” has popped up recently.

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The post goes on to say that the animator must have a “strong familiarity with MachineGames´ titles”. With most established studios, being familiar with their previous work is not an uncommon job requirement. However, in the case of MachineGames, the developer has only ever worked on Wolfenstein titles, and an add-on pack for the original Quake, likely meaning that this position is linked to Wolfenstein 3.

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BJ’s Back Baby- What Could Wolfenstein 3 Bring to the Series?

Wolfenstein 3 Starts Development
Image Credit MachineGames: Could we see the return of familiar faces in Wolfenstein 3?

Although the first game with the Wolfenstein name was released in 1981 with MUSE Software’s Castle Wolfenstein, the series has survived through the decades by remaining a powerful name in the FPS industry, even earning the nickname the “Granddaddy of First-Person Shooters”.

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However, after a few dud entries in the early 2000s, MachineGames Wolfenstein: The New Order brought the series back to life with protagonist BJ Blazkowicz kicking Nazi butt in a brand new decade.

MachineGames followed up this smash success, with a prequel Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and a sequel Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Although the series was flying high after two fantastic mainline games, the spinoff game Wolfenstein: Youngblood caused the hot streak to come to an end.

Wolfenstein 3

Set 20 years after the events of  The New Colossus, players took control of BJ’s twin daughters Jessie and Zofia who travel to Nazi-occupied Paris to investigate the sudden disappearance of their father. Receiving mixed reviews on launch Youngblood was seen as a step down from the rest of the series. So far reactions to this rumour have been mixed, with many fans hoping that Youngblood is ignored from the cannon and that MachineGames can hit their stride once again.

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There is a lot that MachineGames could do with a new Wolfenstein game including diving into the repercussions of the Revolution that BJ and his crew sparked in The New Colossus and resolving some of the cliff-hangers left at the end of the game. Alternatively, the third game could expand on the post-liberated world that is explored in Youngblood and the return of the Fourth Reich that takes place in the game’s final act.

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Overall, the official confirmation of Wolfenstein 3 is probably a while off, but it will be great to get back into the shoes of Terror Billy himself, kicking Nazi Butt and saving the world. What are your thoughts on a new Wolfenstein game? Do you think it will be better than Youngblood? Leave Your thoughts in the comments below!

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