Wolverine: 8 Superpowers We Can’t Believe He Has But Never Uses

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“There’s a part of me as wild and fierce as my namesake. I’m a hard man given to hard ways. When I fight, it’s to win. That isn’t pretty, and it sure isn’t nice. But being a man, that means choosing to grow and change and put aside the old ways.” This dialogue by Wolverine defines him in the best possible way. The rage-filled hero has many outstanding qualities. However, some of those are not too popular. Here are eight superpowers possessed by Wolverine that will shock you.


Wolverine’s claws can become ridiculously hot. This heat is channeled through his anger. The downside of this move will reduce his superhuman healing. This may be the reason why he hasn’t been using this feature. However, considering the fact that his claws can already cut through anything, will the added heat help in most cases?

Wolverine- hot claws

The mutant has spent a very long time with the wild. He used to join wolves and other animals, which helped him understand them and even communicate with them. That’s right! Wolverine is no less than snow white. The man can really communicate with animals.



All of Wolverine’s senses are heightened. He is often seen using his sense of smell. But only a few people know about his superhuman sense of touch. Wolverine can feel every single thread of the clothes he is wearing. His abilities can go as far as sensing the slightest of indentations or marks. Isn’t that amazing?

wolverine- sense of smell

The next sense organ that is heightened- His vision. He can see things in much more detail and from a much farther distance. Wolverine has a perfect sight event when in complete darkness. This is why he can quickly notice details that others miss out on. He may be a wolf, but his vision is that of an eagle.

wolverine vision

Now this one’s an ability that we all want. Wolverine has a superhuman sense of taste. He can eat anything and separate all the different flavors in it. This, when combined with his superhuman healing, makes a lethal combination. He can easily taste anything and tell if the product contains poison, while his healing protects him from other adversities.

wolverine taste


Since we’re covering all the senses, you can probably guess the upcoming one. The mutant can hear a pin dropping from miles away. It’s almost impossible to sneak upon him. This is why it didn’t make much sense when Sabretooth and Daken were successful in bypassing him. This ability is a curse as much as a boon. Since he can hear everything in a magnified manner, too much noise can easily distract him or even torture him.

Superhuman hearing

Wolverine cannot be taken down through telepathy. This is why he has been able to fight multiple telepaths in the past with the X-men. In the beginning, this quality only took over when he was in an unbreakable rage. Ever since he lost adamantium, his brain has become impervious to anyone.

no telepathy

The mutant was often struck by fits of rage, also known as the Berserker rage. He destroyed anything and anyone he saw under the possession of this anger, unable to differentiate between friends and foes. This made him an extremely dangerous enemy. However, it was never a quality that was good for him. It took him a long time, but now he can control his rage upto some level and rarely ever flips into the Berserker rage.

rage fits




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