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“Wonder what the next excuse will be”: The Little Mermaid Crosses Coveted $500M Mark, Fans Demand Racists Get Innovative With Their Excuses

The Little Mermaid Crosses Coveted $500M Mark, Fans Demand Racists Get Innovative With Their Excuses

The Little Mermaid has had quite a lot of media coverage, though some of it is positive, the majority of it is just negativity surrounding choices made by the production team even before its release. With the movie finally in theaters, it is doing extremely well, much to the surprise and disappointment of its haters.

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Haters have been criticizing each and every aspect of the movie, but the majority of this hate has to do with the fact that Disney decided to cast Halle Bailey, who is African American, as Arielle, the mermaid princess. In the 1989 animated version of the movie, the character of Arielle is Caucasian, so a lot of racially inclined people were quite upset with this choice

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The Little Mermaid Crosses The $500 Million Mark

The Little Mermaid has been out for a month now and it has just crossed the $500 million mark in its revenue, making it the fifth highest-grossing movie of 2023. The movie made $270 million domestically, and another $229 million internationally. This is also a big deal as the film had a budget of $250 million, meaning it has made double its budget even though the movie was written off as a flop months before its release.

Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey

However, every achievement this movie has made has been discredited by its haters, which has caused fans to challenge them by asking what new excuse they have come up with to criticize its success.

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Fans React To The Little Mermaid Crossing $500 Million Worldwide

After the news that The Little Mermaid has crossed the $500 million mark hit Twitter, haters were quick to discredit this achievement and make up excuses for its success, stating that the movie will not cross the one billion mark. They were also confused as to why the movie was successful, claiming it to be bad and not deserving of its success.

The Little Mermaid (2023)
The Little Mermaid (2023)

Fans, however, were even faster in calling out these people, stating that they were just looking for reasons to criticize the movie. Many were celebrating this news as it was predicted that the movie would severely underperform while some were excited that movie hit this mark despite being in theaters for only a month.

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