Wonder Woman: Everything We Know About DC’s New Game

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DC Universe has a great reputation when it comes to game adaptations of their famous characters. Wonder Woman is joining the roster of some of the most recognized DC games, such as Batman: Arkham and the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.


Warner Bros. Games released a short teaser for Wonder Woman at the DC Fandome 2021. There were no specific details given, but it could be the next big thing for DC fans. Wonder Woman will be created by Monolith Productions, the same company that made Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

The Actress

Wonder Woman Game


The trailer only showed a glimpse of the hero, yet no familiar face or voice was seen or heard. There are many voice actresses who have lent their talent to Wonder Woman, and it could be one of them. Some choices, like Rosario Dawson and Susan Eisenberg, are being fan-cast. But, whoever Monolith chooses, surely it will bring new talent into the spotlight.

The Villains

Ares Wonder Woman

There were no villains shown in the trailer, but fans can expect that she will face some of her most well-known enemies. Some fans would guess Ares or Cheetah, but there are also a lot of other Wonder Woman villains to choose from. Since the game will use a specific system called the Nemesis, Monolith can add certain villains that can build their own armies.


They Will Use Nemesis System

Nemesis System Middle Earth

Nemesis system is a trademark of Monolith where gamers are given unique quests with orcs so they could rise in the ranking if they defeated a certain character. If the player dies, they will have the option to resurrect with a new appearance and dialogue. There are no identical playthroughs which is the unique thing about this system. This brought immense excitement to fans upon announcing this feature.

The Release Date Is 2023

Suicide Squad


Since Wonder Woman was only announced last year, it may still be a work in progress. If Monolith has been working on it for a long time, fans may expect the release by late 2022. Or, in another possibility, it may be pushed to 2023 since Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be released in the same year. That being said, Wonder Woman may still be at the early stage of creation.

Wonder Woman Will Return To Themyscira

Wonder Woman Themyscira

The trailer hinted that the game will most likely take place in Themyscira. One can hear Queen Hippolyta calling out to Diana. “My daughter, a new threat comes to our shores, and I must call you home,” said she. This is a huge clue that Wonder Woman will be back home. The place can also be expanded into a much larger island since it will take in an open-world mechanics.


Open-World Gaming

WW Game

The game was announced as a single-player open-world action-adventure. This was the same treatment with other DC games like Batman: Arkham. Monolith also did the same with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. This leaves the fans with a question of what to expect in the gameplay. Indeed, it must be a combination of mystical worlds and modern cities.


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