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“Would’ve been a horrible way to die”: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Feels He Would Have Died After Accident if He Was Alone During the Snowplow Accident

"Would've been a horrible way to die": Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Feels He Would Have Died After Accident if He Was Alone During the Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner has never been quite the fan favorite in the MCU. However, when fans of the franchise and the general audience came to know about his gruesome snowplow accident, everyone came together to pray for his speedy recovery when it seemed like he was in a critical condition for a long time.

Now, the actor has revealed how close he came to actually die. Renner is now telling the full story of what happened and how he almost lost his life during the accident that shook him to his core. However, the star credits one person who saved his life, his nephew.

Jeremy Renner Talks About His Near Brush With Death 

Jeremy Renner with his hospital staff after the accident
Jeremy Renner with his hospital staff after the accident

In a new interview with Diane Sawyer for the Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview—A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph special, Jeremy Renner shared details of the January 1 accident where he got crushed under a snowplow. Renner was reportedly left with 30+ broken bones as well as orthopedic injuries and blunt chest trauma. The actor firmly said that he would have definitely died if his nephew hadn’t saved him. As per the actor:

“If I was there, on my own, that would’ve been a horrible way to die. And surely, I would’ve. Surely. But I wasn’t alone — I was with my nephew. Sweet Alex. And the rest of the calvary came.”

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Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

Sawyer also asked Renner if he remembers how he felt during the accident and if he was in pain. To this, the actor said that he knew what was happening and was awake for all of it. He said, “Oh, all of it. I was awake through every moment.” However, the actor has no regrets and said that he would do everything again “Cause the snowplow was going right at my nephew.” Reportedly, the actor ended up injured in the accident because he tried to save his nephew.

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What Is Jeremy Renner’s MCU Future? 

Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye
Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye

Now, Jeremy Renner has recovered from his brutal accident, and as such fans are asking if he will return to the MCU and continue as Hawkeye. Fans last saw Renner in the role in the Hawkeye Disney+ series with Hailee Steinfeld. As of now, it looks like it is Steinfeld who will carry on the legacy of the archer forward. But during a New York Times interview, the actor said that he is interested in playing the character again.

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Renner said, “I can make that live for another decade until I just can’t fit into the damn costume anymore.” So what could be in Clint Barton’s future? There have been speculations about the Young Avengers team being formed in the MCU and Renner can easily return to mentor those new heroes. If not, the actor can return in the upcoming Echo series that will star Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez.

After all, the character was introduced in Hawkeye and she has fought Barton. However, there have been no official updates on what the MCU plans to do with his character, and as such, many have assumed that he is done as Hawkeye. But he can return if he feels fit enough in the future.

Hawkeye is streaming on Disney+.

Source: NY Times and GMA

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