“Wow, maybe ask next time?”: Charlize Theron Slammed ‘Salacious’ Journalist For Forcibly Kissing Her Interpreter After Years of Struggling With Own Trauma

"Wow, maybe ask next time?": Charlize Theron Slammed 'Salacious' Journalist For Forcibly Kissing Her Interpreter After Years of Struggling With Own Trauma

The film industry. like any other, has its own shortcomings. And in some instances, these shortcomings deal with s*xual harassment and the like. However, things have been changing, and one of the celebrities who can be found often speaking up is Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron has been always been vocal
Charlize Theron has always been vocal

One of the most successful women in Hollywood, Theron has never shied away from being vocal about things that matter. Back in 2019, she earned huge support and praise when she called out a French television host for his oddly s*xual behavior towards her interpreter.

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Charlize Theron Calls Out Salacious French Journalist

The problematic incident that made Theron angry
The problematic incident that made Theron angry

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Charlize Theron has not had an easy life growing up. While she has always been vocal about her struggles growing up and in the initial days of her being an actor, she has always been quick to call others out for their inappropriate behavior or actions.

Back in 2019, while promoting Long Short, her new movie in Europe, she flat-out called the problematic French journalist Cyril Hanouna. The Oscar-winning actress went on to scold him when he tried to kiss her interpreter on her cheek without permission. Noticing her interpreter visibly caught off guard, she bluntly said,

“Wow, maybe ask next time?”

Her selfless and brave act drew a flurry of support, with fans and non-fans applauding her. Meanwhile, this wasn’t the first time that Hanouna drew flak. Back in 2016, he had tried to propel a young 21-year-old model, several times, to let Jean-Michel Maire (another journalist) kiss her while on camera.

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Charlize Theron Has Always Been Vocal About S*xual Harassment

Theron had a tough life growing up
Theron had a tough life growing up

The Snow White and The Huntsman actress has always been upfront about her traumatic past. From domestic abuse growing up to workplace harassment, Theron has been through some very problematic times. Growing up her alcoholic father would often subject her and her mother to violent abuse. She once said,

“My father was a very sick man. My father was an alcoholic all my life. I only knew him one way, and that was as an alcoholic…It was a pretty hopeless situation.”

When one day her mother shot her father in self-defense after a particularly harrowing episode, one would think her life might have become somewhat easy. But life had other plans, as being a young actress she faced s*xual harassment at the hands of a very successful Hollywood director. Theron was unable to do anything at the moment due to her severe trauma, but eight years later she did call him out right to his face.

When most would choose to shut their mouths and suffer silently, Charlize Theron remains unabashed, dedicated to calling out the many predators in power, both on-screen and off-screen.

Source: The Straits Times

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