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WWE Legend Hurricane Helms Demands Dwayne Johnson Apologize for Harassing Him: “He’s guilty of shoving Chicken McNuggets straight up his a**”

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Dwayne Johnson once ruled WWE. But since Hollywood came knocking, he’s busy making action films rather than spending time in the ring. However, a recent throwback tweet has drudged up some uncomfortable memories for Johnson from 2 decades ago. Now, Shane Helms, or Hurricane Helms is angry and immediately demands an apology from The Rock for humiliating him in a match.

Hurricane Helms Wants Dwayne Johnson To Apologize

Hurricane Helms and The Rock
Hurricane Helms and The Rock

In a throwback video circulating on Twitter, a young Dwayne Johnson can be seen with a guitar inside the WWE ring, performing a concert for his fans 20 years ago. However, fans weren’t able to enjoy the music for long because Hurricane Helms in his green costume dropped in and walked towards The Rock intending to interrupt him. But his plans failed and he was arrested by the security standing ringside.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

But Johnson didn’t let his opponent go without saying some words to him. The Rock said, “he’s guilty of shoving Chicken McNuggets straight up his a*s.” Helms was tagged in a tweet with the video of this event and the WWE legend responded by saying:

“Honestly, I’ve dealt with this slander from The Rock for far too long. It was never proven in a court of law that I had Chicken McNuggets up my a**. There was never any evidence other than some sweet and sour sauce in my locker room. I demand an apology!!”

Here’s the tweet:

However, Hurricane Helms didn’t go unavenged that day as Stone Cold Steve Austin stepped in to beat The Rock mercilessly. It’s clear that Helms is joking about an event that happened two decades ago. But fans would surely love to see The Rock give a reply back to Helms and reinvigorate memories of that day. However, it looks like Johnson has more to worry about after reports talking about him sabotaging DC for his own benefit are doing the rounds of the internet.

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Dwayne Johnson Accused Of Tanking The DC Brand 

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

In a recent report by The Wrap, Dwayne Johnson was accused of deliberately tanking DC by being uncooperative with other superhero films under the banner. The site alleged that The Rock was solely focused on furthering his personal brand with Black Adam and didn’t want Shazam 2 to feature characters who were introduced in his film. The outlet reported:

“Johnson did plenty of work in public to undermine ‘Shazam,’ chiefly by promoting a face-off between Black Adam and Superman instead of the more canonical link between the hero Zachary Levi played and the former pro wrestler’s own character. Privately, he vetoed a planned post-credits scene in “Black Adam,” which would have seen Shazam recruited by Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, and other costumed heroes, into the Justice Society of America.”

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The Wrap concluded by writing that in Johnson’s tunnel vision to only look out for himself and his brand, the actor ruined not just Black Adam but also Shazam 2, by not allowing the two characters with a deep comic book rivalry to interact with each other in live action. The site said:

“‘Instead of making a movie, he wants to extend his brand and make a brand centered on himself,’ said the Hollywood executive who criticized Johnson… ‘By alienating the established property that his character was born out of, and refusing to integrate with other established characters, [Johnson] systematically crippled two franchises, and has harmed DC in the process,’ another said.”

Shazam 2 star Zachary Levi has seemingly confirmed these allegations through an Instagram post. It remains to be seen how The Rock responds to these accusations.

Shazam 2 is now in theaters, and Black Adam is streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Shane Helms and The Wrap

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