X-Files Star David Duchovny Wants a X-Files Revival in Near Future

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David Duchovny would return for another installment of the sci-fi series, X-Files. The actor played the role of a conspiratorial-minded FBI agent named Agent Fox “Spooky” Mulder. He was first introduced in 1993. The role of his partner, Agent Dana Scully, was played by Gillian Anderson. He was pragmatic and a skeptical foil to Mulder’s investigative nature. The two together solved mysterious and seemingly paranormal cases. The show initially aired for nine seasons till it concluded in 2001. It has a few movies and spin-offs but there is still more left to the show. The actor would like to come back to tell them.


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David Duchovny wants to be a part of the X-Files revival

David Duchovny wants to a X-Files revival
David Duchovny wants an X-Files revival

While there are no future projects being planned in relation to the series, the actor would like to be a part of one, if there is one. He was in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment when he talked about the show. He praised Chris Carter, the maker of the show, for how he made it so well that the show even resonates with the audience of today.


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The actor praised the X-Files maker, Chris
The actor praised the X-Files maker, Chris Carter

He said, “I’m always up for more, clearly. Someone sent me a clip of Joel McHale from the 2016 episodes we did, and it’s a spot-on description of where we’re at six years later. I don’t think Chris Carter gets enough credit for being [prescient]. Forget about the ins and outs of plots and who gets pregnant or who gets shot. I mean, every show turns into a soap opera, so you have limited options. People are going to die or get pregnant or go to prison, right? Or become president.”

He further added, “I think like it’s a little bit in the weeds to worry about characters’ fates when you realize that Chris somehow made a show in 1993, and again in 2016, that predicted what 2022 would be like. If he wanted to do more, I’d certainly listen to him. I’d say, “What have you got?”


Gillian Anderson does not want to be tied up in one role

The actor, Gillian Richard, who played the role of the partner, said that she would no longer return to play the role of Agent Scully. She did not want to be tied up to one role for her entire career. After the departure, even the studio, FOX, stated that the show would not continue without the actress.

Gillian Anderson does not want to return to her role
Gillian Anderson does not want to return to her role

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So unless the actress changes her mind, the show’s reboot is off the table, at least with the original cast. The show had a few spin-offs and reboots so it means that the audience is still interested in the X-Files. So, there is a possibility that we might see the actress again.


Source: Yahoo! Entertainment


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